7 Words That Will Change Your Life
Terri Marie
© 2008

These words absolutely will change your life. There are small words with magnetic power to bring your life to a whole new level, one with abundance, peace, and success. They are words that are simple, but strong. Words that set deep in your soul and deliver to you, your best life. They are probably some of the most magical and profound words in the dictionary. These words are set in short phrases that clear one’s path of soul debris and spirit obstacles.

If these were the only words you ever spoke, you would achieve more in life than most of the people in the world, because you will have discovered the secret to a more successful existence.

These words are:

THANK YOU ...The Immense Power of Gratitude

Gratitude blesses. It blesses the grateful and the giver. The giver is always God in one form or another. When you bless God, the whole world smiles a deep smile, because love grows that way. Every blessing you give, blesses you too. How often we fail to use this huge power. Instead we curse our fate, or worse, we curse others, or the worst, we curse God himself. In every situation in life, there is a blessing, even if it appears as just a seed. Plant the seed through gratitude. Be thankful for life in all its splendor and drama.

Celebrate Thanksgiving every day. When you do, Christmas is just around the corner.

My good friend Stein Eriksen, has an incredible life. I am sure that is because of his habit of saying three “Thank you’s” to everything he receives. He has mastered the great power of “Thank you.”

I FORGIVE YOU...The Immense Power of Forgiveness

Holding a grudge is like storing garbage. It starts to decay everything around it. It smells. And the habit grows. Forgiving is getting rid of life’s waste. Put it in its proper place, in the garbage can of the past. Forgiving others and yourself is the most divine, yet beautifully human, act. When you forgive, it frees you from attracting similar people and circumstances. Forgiving is the greatest gift you can give yourself, because you will open the door to more love in your life and you will increase the amount of love in the world. Forgiving is emptying your heart of debris, washing it clean and spotless. That fresh heart attracts great things, not more debris. That heart will fill with love like an endless spring when you make forgiveness part of you. It’s your choice. Forgive and shine, or hold on to the emotional trash of the past and continue to rot. Give your life the blessing of forgiveness.

Foster Hibbard, a student of the great Napoleon Hill, (Think and Grow Rich) gave my good friend John Harricharan a set of wonderful tapes. One of the insightful things Foster said was to practice saying silently to every person you meet, “I forgive you.” I’ve tried it. I use it all the time. This practice is almost like having a magic wand. People can always feel this at some level. And you feel good knowing you are not only forgiving them, but you are also giving them a blessing. You can read an article by Foster as John’s gift at www.insight2000.com.

I CAN...The Immense Power of Belief

How strong these words are! “I can” precedes any great act, any courageous endeavor. Any attempt to raise the human towards the divine starts with these four amazing letters. “I can” shows God that you understand his precious gift to co-create and your divine duty to do so. It tells God that you appreciate and will use his gift of life. We bring the world higher by first believing it to be so. When we don’t buy into how things appear but instead state our intention for a better way, God smiles. He knows we are starting to get it. God believes in us, or we wouldn’t exist. It’s time we believe too.

My dear friend, the late Dottie Walters, who wrote “Speak and Grow Rich” – no relation to Napoleon Hill except for their great belief in the human spirit - believes that every solution is contained in the problem. Her first major obstacle in life was saving the family home. She did it with the power of “I can” as she pushed her two babies in a stroller with cardboard in her shoes to sell her first ad in a shopper’s column. The mortgage got paid because of Dottie’s belief. My friend, you have that same power to believe. Use it wisely.

Use the power of these seven words. They can lift your days. They will bless your spirit. They will empower you. These are the great words our creator gave us and blessed us with. On your amazing journey through your life, use these 23 little letters in the right combination of “I can” “I forgive you” and “Thank you” and watch for the magic.

I bless you, I thank you, and I forgive you, my fellow travelers. Go and be magnificent.
You can.

Terri Marie

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