It appears Mother Nature wants to wake us up early this year! If this flu season is as nasty as they say on the news, it could be a pretty tough year on our immune systems.

Usually, we wouldn’t be thinking about colds or flus until at least late October or closer to Thanksgiving, right? You may not have gotten the D68 enterovirus just yet, but it could be headed in your direction.

It’s easy to get nervous after hearing nearly 500 children were hospitalized because of a common virus. A virus that is normally not so serious, but for some reason, is being aggressive this year. On top of that, since it’s viral, we know antibiotics are going to be useless.

But don’t fret. Here are some things you can do to fight the flu attack this season beyond just washing your hands. Empower yourself and your loved ones with these immune boosting tips.

Don’t panic at the first sign of a runny nose, headache, sore throat or cough. When that cough is only a tickle in your throat, try these powerful ways to boost your immune system. Since they are simple, natural and easy, you can do them the moment you feel that first sign of something yucky brewing inside of you.

These practical steps are ones you can do today to help ward off this virus. The earlier you start doing any of these actions, the more effective they are. If you want to build up your immune system, consider doing these every day to fend off nasty germs!

This may sound like a no-brainer, but go to bed and get some rest! It’s so important to get plenty of rest when you’re sick since lack of sleep can be very taxing on your immune system.

Instead of using just honey, find an all natural cough syrup that contains antimicrobial ingredients like apple cider vinegar, celtic sea salt, lemon balm, lemon peel, cayenne pepper, cinnamon and cloves. Natural remedies are a great alternative when antibiotics aren't an option because they give you that extra immune boost.

Make an immune boosting hydrating water and drink it throughout the day. How? Just cut up some lemon, crush some mint leaves, grate some ginger, and add a bit of oregano. Put this in a mason jar, add some purified water, and put on the lid. By drinking this all day, you not only hydrate yourself, you are better equipped to fight off any invaders.

Got some garlic? If so, then you’ve got a powerful antimicrobial at your disposal. Just crush it up and mix it with some coconut oil. Then rub it on the bottom of your feet before bedtime. Be sure to put on a pair of socks to avoid getting it all over your sheets!

If your child gets sick, remove all sugar from their diet. This includes you too! But when I say remove all sugar, I mean ALL sugar. Sugar has been shown to weaken the immune system for hours after eating it. Don’t believe me? Watch the video, “Is Sugar Toxic – 60 Minutes Investigates.” A doctor actually tested the effects of eating sugar on our immune system. You’ll be shocked at what they found. I know the doctors in the video were!

Another remedy to try if you have the cold or flu is the artificial fever. Just draw a hot bath and make a cup of tea. Sit in the bath for at least 20 minutes and drink your tea. Then get up very carefully since you may feel lightheaded, and wrap a sheet around your body. Don’t even dry yourself off. Get under some heavy covers and relax there for 20 minutes. Let your body sweat it out. You might want to use a cool compress on your forehead to avoid overheating. I use a sleeping bag so I don’t ruin my bed. You may not feel very good while you are under the covers, but it surprisingly works great!

A simple way to shorten the duration of a cold or flu is by putting three drops of hydrogen peroxide in each ear. It’s best to do this at the first sign of the sniffles. I have tried this myself and it works great. Other people swear by this too. I know because they’ve taken the time to write me. I love this one! Give it a try. (I know this is more for a bacterial infection, but you never know what type of cold or flu you have, so best to cover all your bases.)

So don’t let the news make you nervous about an eminent pandemic. With these methods of boosting your immune system, you and your family will be better equipped to handle whatever comes your way.

I hope you and your family stay healthy this season and always remember to contact your doctor if your mild cold or flu symptoms worsen.

In Truth, Love and Healing,
Carolyn Harrington

Author's Bio: 

Carolyn Harrington is the founder of Maty's Healthy Products and a certified Holistic Health Practitioner who is trained in many aspects of natural healing. Her preferred modalities include custom homeopathic remedies, Bach Flower therapy, Total Body Analysis (TBA), TAPPING and various other mind/body therapies.

Maty's Healthy Products was a result of Carolyn's determination to help her young daughter, Maty, who was born with congenital heart defects. To help her daughter overcome critical health issues, she devoted her time to researching natural remedies that would help strengthen her immune system. It wasn't until she learned a healing technique called applied kinesiology, that she had at her disposal an effective way to make natural remedies even better, more powerful. As the result of her research, she began creating a line of all natural products.

Carolyn is dedicated to promoting holistic health and wellness with natural, safe and effective remedies. Her mission is to empower people with safe and natural alternatives so they gain better health and healing. She is a believer in the philosophy of inside of every problem lies an opportunity which has helped her deal with Maty's health issues and the daily struggles of launching a new business.