Welcome back to Week 5: Let’s Get Active – I will introduce you to some examples of how to get Active

Some of them being Passive & Relaxing to Support your Nervous System

Whilst Others being stimulating to Support Your Heart and Circulation

Implementing Daily Exercise is Vital for a Balanced, Healthy Life

No matter your age or level of fitness, implementing these activities will keep you in great physical shape whilst helping to prevent disease

See below a choice of activities that you can include into your daily routine.

How you start an implement your activities is entirely up to you, probably just starting with 2 – 3 things, doing something each day.
1.Swimming: I do hope you are a swimmer and enjoy swimming. If not you may think about learning. You are never too old, one of my clients was 60 years of age when they learnt to swim. If not you can join an aqua aerobics class. As you might say that swimming is the perfect all round workout. The buoyancy of the water supports your body taking the strain off painful joints, enabling you to move freely with comfort. Swimming is an excellent activity for either treatment or prevention of arthritis as it is less weight bearing. As with all forms of exercise swimming helps to improve your mental state by releasing those feel good endorphins.
2.Tai chi: Is a Chinese form of martial art so to speak that combines movements to relax and balance mind and body. This Chinese martial art that combines movement and relaxation is good for both body and mind. It is also known as meditation in motion. Tai chi is a series of graceful movements, that transition smoothly from one movement to the next. Tai chi classes are offered at various levels making them both accessible and valuable to people of all ages and level of fitness. It is extremely beneficial for people who are in highly stressful lines of work or who may have limited movement and for people who may already have a very active lifestyle: Looking for balance and relaxation.
3.Strength training:Is all about keeping your muscles toned and strong. We are not talking here about macho bulk building your muscles. This can be achieved by using your dumbbells, these being 3 – 4 kilos each. Keeping your muscles toned not only improves your strength but you will burn more calories, therefore assists in maintaining a healthy weight.
•Using your weights in both hands, standing up with feet slightly apart do these following exercises:
•5 -10 times raise both arms at the same time straight above your head
•Now 5 – 10 times straight downward toward your feet, you can also do this alternating each arm if this is more comfortable.
•With your arms, both at the same time put these behind the middle of your back clinking the weights together. 5 – 10 times

As you become used of these exercises you can do one lot standing up, then repeat them again lying flat on the floor. Just gives you some variety.

You can increase the repetitions as you feel you are becoming used of them or they are becoming a little too easy.

Stair climbing or hill climbing is another great way to strength train your leg muscles.

The above exercises can easily be incorporated at home, if you are looking to do more then you will find joining a gym.
4.Walking. Walking: As simple as it may be, walking is one of the most powerful and health beneficial forms of exercise. No equipment needed just a good pair of sneakers some track pants, tee shirt and or jumper. It helps you to stay trim, taught and terrific. Lowers cholesterol, strengthens bones, maintains healthy blood pressure and improves your mood. Not to mention the benefits of being out there with nature brings balance and belief in our higher source. Clears our head and clarifies our thinking.

At the beginning of your seven days, begin with 30 minutes of walking each day, increasing the pace of your steps each day to where you feel comfortable but not so stressed that you are not enjoying nature and the fresh air. Over time you may like to increase this to 60 minutes per day.
5.Pelvic Floor Exercises: These exercises are also known as Kegel exercises. They are not about looking better, but they are affective for something just as important. They will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. These support your bladder and are important to strengthen so as to prevent incontinence. These exercises have been primarily used for woman especially after childbirth, however men will benefit from them as well.

So as to do your pelvic floor exercises correctly you must first squeeze the muscles you would use to prevent yourself from passing urine or wind. Hold the contraction for two or three seconds, then release. Ensure that you relax your pelvic floor muscles after the contraction. Repeat 10 times. For best results do two to three sets of these per day.
6.Stretching: Stretching is a vitally important exercise to incorporate every day and not just once a day but several times a day. First thing in the morning instead of just jumping out of bed take your time and stretch, your legs, your arms, your torso, your shoulders and your neck. It gets your blood moving to your muscles hence improving the nutrient supply to your muscles.

It has been my Passion & Core Desire for the past 30 years plus to Study the Aging Process

To learn then go on to teach – How to live a Life of Optimal Health & Vitality right to the end

When speaking with people in their 90’s and even 100’s one of the main things is to keep ACTIVE

Always Remembering That – No Matter How Old You Are! You Aren’t Going To Want To Be Stuck In Bed

See you Next Week!!!!

Together we will Do This!

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