Everyone regardless of what age experiences boredom. The kids are the first usually to say the words “I’m Bored” but us adults have at one point or another in life experience it too.

Have you ever wondered why you are feeling bored? It can be a feeling of laziness, or exhaustion or even a lack of mental stimulation.

Regardless what it is, everyone wants their body and mind operating at its very best. Not only that, we all want to be active in our lives too. None of these needs are met when we are having feelings of boredom.

However, with a bit of creativity, there is no reason why anyone should have feelings of being bored!

Here are a few simple things to do to help you overcome the state of feeling bored:

1. Read. Reading sounds obvious, right? Well it is; but the simple ideas are the ones that prove to be the best.

• When you read, you can put your mind into another place in time. With so many places you can choose, reading can be very interesting to say the least.

• If you’ve tried reading and just have not gotten into it, it’s possible you have not found the right books or topics to read. Try experimenting with different books so you can find the right one for you. Another great idea if you don’t like to read is to try audio books instead.

2. Sing. Yes, your singing is not going to sound like Mariah Carey, and if it does, you’re in the wrong career! But don’t let that stop you from having fun with music. Play your favorite music and sing to your heart’s content!

• Music will have you forgetting the word bored all while relieving stress and allowing you to have fun.

3. Whip up a good meal. Get up off your bottom and try something new for a change. It does not have to be perfect; no one cares if you’re a master at cooking or can’t cook to save your life! It’s about keeping you busy and not allowing you to be bored.

• Try something new every week to spice up your dinners.

4. Adopt a pet. All animals are great friends, especially if you’re lonely and bored with life. They will love you for who you are regardless what you are! Animals also will keep you very busy and active.

If you get a pet you’ll never have the feeling of being lonely again; and will make memories to last a life-time.

5. Cultivate your mind. Being bored is nothing more than something we allow to have control over us. If we use our minds actively, we won’t ever be bored. Try to expand your horizons and take in something different like a play or a visit to a museum.

Try something new. Engage in a new activity that will give you new knowledge and skills. You just might discover a talent you never knew you had. You won’t know if you don’t try!

6. Take full advantage of the Internet. The Internet is the best place to kill boredom! It has so much for you to do; anyone with access to the Internet can’t possibly get bored. However it can be a gateway to evil things, so use it wisely.

One way to keep your mind on good things is to walk away each time you use the Internet knowing something new. This will allow you to expand your mind while keeping you busy and not bored.

There is not one single person out there who likes being bored. With so many ways to overcome being bored, there is no reason why you should allow it to take over you. Use the tips above to help you out in finding a new way to defeat boredom.

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