Having a guarantee boosts your sales. If you don't have a guarantee, you should strongly consider having one. Here's why...

1. It takes away the risk from the prospect.

Your prospect has worked hard for his money. Most people don't want to risk their hard-earned cash, and that includes your prospect. He's afraid that if he buys your product, he might end up buying a dud. He's also afraid that the promises in your copy will be broken, so he's afraid of being ripped off.

But if you include a guarantee where you'll gladly refund the customer's money if she's not satisfied, then it eases your prospect's fears of buying your product. It takes away her risk. And your prospect is more likely to buy.

2. Increases sales.

It's common that if you include a money-back guarantee, your sales will increase much more. But there's a tendency to think that if you include a money-back guarantee, you might get a lot of refunds. Customers might take advantage of you. They might try your product for a while and then get their money back on purpose.

But more often than not, if your product or service is good, the refunds don't increase much at all. Instead, sales increase by a lot.

3. Gives you a competitive edge.

If you offer a money-back guarantee and your competitor doesn't, prospects are more likely to choose you over your competitor.

For instance, when Domino's Pizza first came out, they had a guarantee where the pizza is delivered in 30 minutes or it's free. They were the only ones with that guarantee. Because of that, they became a leader in the market over their competitors.

4. Pushes prospects who are “on the fence” to buy.

If prospects are “on the fence” about buying, having a guarantee gives them a push they need to make the purchase.

I find that whenever I'm considering a product to buy and am on the fence about whether to buy it, the money-back guarantee often convinces me to buy. It gives me a push to decide to make the purchase.

5. Shows confidence in your product or service.

A guarantee shows confidence in your product or service. Prospects think you believe in your product or service so much that you're willing to offer a guarantee. So they think your product or service must be good.

It makes sense too. If someone weren't confident about his product or service, he'd feel less inclined to offer a money-back guarantee. He'd be afraid of getting too many refunds.

6. Forces you to deliver and satisfy the customer or client.

A guarantee forces you to deliver because if you don't, then the customer will get a refund. But having this really does push you to deliver more value, and your customers are more satisfied. And the more customers that are satisfied, the more repeat business and referrals you will get.

So be sure to offer a guarantee to your prospects. It'll increase your sales by a lot.

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Francis Lui is a freelance copywriter with a specialty in IT copywriting. In addition to his copywriting skills, he has a technical background in IT -- a rare combination. To learn about his services and how to get him to write hard-hitting copy for you, rush over to francislui.com/.