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If your child seems to be sick all the time, doesn’t want to eat properly, or is often silent or irritable, there’s a huge chance that he or she is under a lot of stress.

As a parent, these signs and symptoms should never be ignored. A lot of studies have pointed out that childhood stress can lead to physical and emotional problems later on. It may even be the precursor to teen depression.

But what can you possibly do? These ideas may be helpful:

1. Understand the many causes of stress. Yes, there are a lot. Children may experience stress because of school or peer pressure. Family issues such as divorce or death in the family are also possible culprits, along with trauma and fear. Your child may be growing up in an abusive household.

Knowing what causes your child’s stress allows you to determine the best course of action to reduce or even get rid of it.

2. Show them a lot of love. Let your child know that he or she can always depend on you especially when it comes to dealing with stress. Reward your child when he or she has done something right and shower him or her with plenty of kisses and hugs. Talk about good things.

3. Be a good example. No word of advice and encouragement will work if you yourself don’t lead by example. You may not know it, but your child is definitely looking up to you. He or she wants to learn how you deal with pressure. That’s why you should also learn how to manage your stress more effectively.

4. Exercise together. Exercise offers a wide range of benefits, and one of these is it relieves you of stress. How? For one, exercising reduces muscle tension, especially in the shoulders, head, and back. It also teaches proper breathing, as well as boosts the release of endorphins or happy hormones. Most of all, exercising with your kid is one of the best ways to bond.

To make it even more engaging, you can schedule a fixed time for exercise. You can jog around the park or brisk-walk up to the mountains.

5. Provide your child with stress toys. Certain toys can help reduce the stress level of your child. One of these is through the use of balls. Stress balls are small, easy to grip, and soft. When your kid feels stressed, he or she can just divert his negative emotion to the ball. The kid can also squeeze it to bring the him or her to a calmer state.

6. Play subliminal messages. Whenever you can, let your kid hear some subliminal messages like the following:

I am a bird, free and happy.
I am loved by my friends and family.
There are a lot of good things to do today.

The more your child hears the messages, the more he or she learns that things are not as bad as they seem after all. The messages will help provide your kid with positive thoughts.

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