Every pregnant woman wants a memorable birth experience.

Here are 6 prenatal tips that will put you on your way to a good delivery experience so that you can rebound quickly and enjoy the miracle that is about to happen in your life.

#Tip #1 Pregnancy And Pre-Natal Advice

Once you get pregnant and even after you deliver, you will find that advice will seemingly be coming out of the woodwork.

You will hear many delivery stories, both good and bad that other moms will want to tell you about. As you listen to all the stories people tell you, smile and be attentive but then let them go in one ear and out the other.

Someone else’s experience is not likely to be the same as yours. Some of what you hear will be good advice, some will not and most advice you can simply ignore.

Use your common sense and follow your instincts. If the advice seems sound then listen and later check it out for validity. Educate yourself on any advice you receive and listen only to those you trust.

Tip #2 Baby Shower Gift List

Your friends and family will want to throw you a baby shower. This is always a wonderful idea but the problem is you could end up with lots of trinkets and less of the really important things you'll be needing.

Put together a “baby wish list registry” of gifts that make sense for your needs. This will help keep you from ending up with gifts that will be of less use to you.

Don't be afraid to let friends and family know that you have a “registry”. It's really a time and money saver for all involved. Your loved ones can simply pick from the list or get you a unique gift of their own choosing.

There are plenty of gift registries on the web. Make sure you include a car seat and stroller on your list. These are items every mom needs but often ends up buying herself because no one wants to duplicate the item. A registry helps guard against that.

Also, babies grow very fast in the first year so include clothing in a variety of ages such as 3-6 mo, 6-12, etc. You really don’t need 12 infant size outfits. My infant daughter was so long that she couldn't fit into an infant size. In fact we had to give away all of those new, unused outfits, and run out to buy larger ones.
Careful planning and having what you need for baby and yourself before delivery will keep you from having to do a lot of extra shopping at a time when you want to spend time at home bonding with baby.

Tip #3 Child Care

Prepare for the possibility of child care if you already have a child or not.

If you have children at home or, even if you don’t, now is a good time to start thinking about and planning for child care.

For first time moms you will want to investigate local child care options. Talk to neighboring moms who have children to get recommendations you can check out.

Gather as much information as you can and make a list of child care candidates to have on hand. It will be handy to have later on when the baby is home and your energy levels are low.

If you have children at home, you may already have child care providers listed but have you talked to them about getting some help while you are in the hospital or after the new baby comes home? Schedule it now if possible and then double check that the child care provider is still available a week or two before your delivery date.

It’s also not a bad idea to have someone available or on standby that can come in and help in the event that you have something unexpected occur like a C-Section and your recovery will be longer.

Tip #4 C-section delivery

That brings me to the topic of C-Section deliveries.

No mom wants to think about the possibility of having a C-Section but the fact is that
1 of every 3 births results in a C-Section.

Educating yourself on why C-Sections occur could actually help you avoid one, but if one does becomes medically necessary it's a good idea to educate yourself on the process.

Because having a C-section is major abdominal surgery there are several things to consider, one is your recovery. Recovery from a C-Section takes much longer but it can be easier and even quicker if you plan carefully, know what to expect and are prepared for the options that will confront you.

Understanding these options and considering your choices beforehand could save you from having decisions made for you.

Tip #5 Diet, Nutrition, and Exercise

A good diet, healthy nutrition and exercise will help improve your odds of a healthy birth experience.

Pregnancy is a marathon that has a great payoff at the finish line but can be tough on the body and mind.

It helps tremendously to start with a good diet and get adequate exercise.

Take the time to get yourself in shape and educate yourself on the best vitamin regimen and foods. Above all don't become sedentary. Keeping your weight in check and doing 20 minutes of light exercise a day will help keep you and baby healthy and keep your energy levels up.

It's never a problem to eat a little more if you feel hungry, it is a problem however to eat food that are high in sugar and have empty calories. Snacks on fruits, nuts, yogurt or raw veggies. Chips, candy, cookies and cakes are not advised.

Get plenty of sunshine if you can. Visit with family and friends. Keep a positive mental outlook. . Eat good nutritional foods and see your doctor regularly. Take his advice on vitamins and supplements.

Tip # 6 Education, Training & Mental Preparation

Most deliveries go as normal with no complications or surprises at all and chances are yours will too, but reading all you can and understanding everything about your baby's birth and the delivery process can be very enlightening and could dispel many of the fears you may be having.

Things like attending Lamaze classes, researching breastfeeding and breastfeeding techniques, talking openly with your doctor about pain medications, Episiotomy practices and circumcision are all things you'll want to be thinking about.

Have all your questions and concerns addressed before delivering. The more you know and the better prepared you are means a abetter birth experience for all involved.

Author's Bio: 

Elizabeth is the author of the The Worry Free C-Section . A C-Section birth preparation and recovery guide written for moms preparing to have a C-Section or who just want to be ready in the event a C-Section is possible.