Fall in Love! Have an Extra Support for Your Mind Power. We all experience love differently. No matter how you experience that feeling, anyway it takes your mind power to the top level.

I remember the times when I was lonely. There was no one to share my love. I was really feeling the love stuck in me. I was craving for a piece of love. I had too much love to share with someone. I was teemed with love. I just needed to share my love. It didn’t have to be real love or he didn’t have to be the one. I only want love itself. I didn’t want to be lonely anymore. I wanted to say “I Love You”. After all, I was lucky and I found “The One”.

Falling in love makes you someone different, especially in the first phase.

You feel great,
Nothing changes your mood because you always have something to hold on,
You feel the butterflies in your stomach,
You are like a little drunk that everything seems pink,
You always feel excited and ready to do something,
All of your days are full with him so you have to finish all your duties in time so you get organized,
You always try to look as attractive as you can,
You start to share his hobbies and change your point of view,
You share friends and some of them become your best friends…
What can be wrong with all the feelings listed above and much more? There is nothing to speak of.

Especially, how can saying “I Love You” be connected to your mind power? Below is a list of advantages which you can use to improve your mind power with the help of your brain, when you find love.

Feeling positive is a great start for improving your mind power
You learn to concentrate on what is important and protect your attitude
You learn to see the glass half full, so you can move on to your desires, jumping over stones on the way
Having that much energy and lack of time helps you motivate and opens your cognitive functions
Feeling and looking attractive all the time helps you attract what you desire
Making new friends and having new hobbies offers you more possibilities
Here is a research from Professor Stephanie Ortigue, an assistant professor of psychology and an adjunct assistant professor of neurology, both in The College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University.

“These results confirm love has a scientific basis,” “I would say the brain, but the heart is also related because the complex concept of love is formed by both bottom-up and top-down processes from the brain to the heart and vice versa. For instance, activation in some parts of the brain can generate stimulations to the heart, butterflies in the stomach. Some symptoms we sometimes feel as a manifestation of the heart may sometimes be coming from the brain.” says Ortigue.

When you are in love your brain gives you euphoria inducing chemicals like dopamine and adrenalin, as a gift. Falling in love also affects your cognitive functions and body image.

Source: Wiley Online Library

Think about these and never close yourself to love. No matter what happens at the end if you use that feeling wisely to improve your mind power, you’ll come over everything.

Author's Bio: 

Nil Celen is a researcher for the proofs of "Mind Power" based on scientific resources. Researches from Worldwide universities on neuroscience, psychology and much more topics can give you a new perspective about "Mind Power" and how to use it.

The more you “know” scientific proofs about “mind power”
The more you “Believe”
And more and more you “Succeed” in life…