If you are getting too comfortable with your workout routine, the key is to try to get better every day with your workouts and your healthy eating. So here are 5 Ways For Faster Fat Loss.

1. Break Records

Push for progress and not perfection and challenge yourself by pushing for one extra rep or a couple more pounds every week in your workouts. Use the smallest plates you have available, (usually 2.5lbs) to keep stimulating fat burning muscle.

2. Fun Food

Experiment with a different fruit or vegetable each week by eating the colors of the rainbow. Get your family together and try different recipes, some you will love, and maybe some you won't. Keep food fun by trying new recipes with foods you haven't tried before because no one gets fat by eating more fruit and veggies.

3. Faster Not Further

Increase the INTENSITY in your fat burning cardio intervals... not the duration. Don't just record you weight workouts. Record your cardio intensity and try to beat it each week. If you sprinted at level 7 this week shoot for 7.1 next week.

4. Fail Proof Your Fridge

Make healthy eating "Fail Proof" by picking up only the groceries you need each week. If you have no junk in your house, chances are you won't be eating junk. Then before you put your food away, chop up your veggies and place them into containers or ziplock bags to make meal preparation super quick and easy.

5. Step Away From the Scale

Don't get obsessed with numbers by weighing or measuring yourself everyday. I recommend to step on the scale once a week first thing in the morning because it is normal for your body weight to fluctuate up to 5lbs during the day due to fluid and food intake. These 5 tips might seem like little things, but they make a BIG difference!

Stay focused and cross off each day on your calendar and ask yourself before you go to bed each night.

"Did I do everything I needed to do today to get closer to my fitness goals?" Let's, hope you have a lot of yes's!

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