Whether you're leading an organisation or leading a family, or just trying to get by, inspiration is integral to an easier life. It's way easier than motivation. Motivation is what my trainer does when he promises ' just five more' and then threatens me with three minutes on the rowing machine if I don't do it. That's the carrot and stick method of getting stuff done - effective, but hard work.

Inspiration is what fuels you from the inside out, pushes your boat downstream, fills your sails, and any other metaphor for 'easy' that works for you.

So how do you get inspired? And how do you pass on the magic torch to others?

Inspiration Tip 1. First, drop the ego trip. Being inspiring is not about climbing mountains or corporate ladders; it's not about being the fastest, strongest, smartest, or richest.

Think of Ghandhi, or Mother Theresa - their most inspiring feats were not about achievement; they were inspiring for who they were being, not what they were doing.

Inspiration Tip 2. It's not about YOU. A vision of something bigger than themselves pulled Ghandhi and Mother Theresa through some tough times, and drew them into being the best version of themselves.

Gandhi wasn't trying to prove anything; he just wanted peaceful independence for the nation of India. Love of human kind and a vision of peaceful transition inspired his actions.

What vision is inspiring your actions?

What's inspiring me is my belief that people are capable of extraordinary things, that the world is a delicious adventure to explore, that people can lead meaningful, peaceful, love-filled lives - if they just let themselves, that I have a role to play in all of this, by living my vision first.

Inspiration Tip 3. It IS about YOU. That's how you inspire others - live your values, don't just talk about them; give love, don't just look for it; be success, don't seek it outside yourself; see a bigger picture - a vision that fills you with joy - and share it.

Ghandhi said it best - "Be the change you want to see in the world."

And we are all capable of that, no matter size, shape, age, race, or gender.

Inspiration Tip 4. Get pulled up. Look to others to inspire you. If you want top business results, study the achievements of other business leaders; read their biographies; follow their twitters; seek them out.

Hire professionals like an executive coach to give you explicit feedback and development strategies to fast-track your way to your vision.

Hang out with other positive people who believe in you and can see potential in you. I meet with a group of six colleagues from diverse businesses every two weeks who keep me focused and positive by providing me with unmitigated support and encouragement. They are like my little confidence booster shot every fortnight.

Inspiration Tip 5. It's about NOW. If you're constantly worried about the future or regretting the past, you are everywhere but in your place and moment of power - the only moment you ever live in - which is now.

So make peace with what is now, find ways to appreciate your circumstances now, and embrace who you are, where you are right NOW.

This is when yo are most attractive, most powerful, most influential, and most inspiring.

To a life you love to live.

Author's Bio: 

Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Author Zoe Routh works with women in business to enhance their personal effectiveness and leadership capacity for global effect. For free tips on how to become a more effective leader that will save you time, money, energy, and stress, go to http://www.innercompass.com.au