Naturally, kids' imaginations are so powerful. They also possess innate skills to be great innovators. Investing in your kid's creativity has a lot of benefits, including health, emotional, intellectual, etc. They will also learn faster and better, develop excellent social skills, and be more confident.

However, finding creative activities kids love and commit their time to is challenging. But it is also essential to find these activities. You can visit Journaling is Self-Care LLC to get a self-care journal. Kids will never get tired of writing their imaginations down. Gift them a self-care journal and encourage them to jot everything that comes to their mind.

There are also other activities that kids love. Check out other activities that will boost your child's mental health through creativity.

Every kid loves a diary to write about everything around them and their daily activities. This will significantly improve their mental health. The benefits are numerous, and we should encourage our kids to engage in it. You can check out different journals at .

Vision Boarding
Vision boards are popular with kids and adults. However, adults should not be the ones enjoying the joy of flipping a magazine and finding what motivates them. Kids need to be inspired too. This will significantly help their mental health. Help fuel their imaginations by buying inspirational, encouraging, and exciting books and magazines. This will teach them that there is no limit to what they can do and how big their dreams can be. Kids encouraged to believe in themselves have no limitations.

Braintangle is a process where people untangle their feelings and thoughts. It would be best if you introduced this to your kids. Draw a scribble on a piece of paper and divide it into four equal parts. Then tell your kids to use words like "I feel," "Because," "I need," "How can I get it" to voice their feelings. Feel each square with these words.
If you have older kids, let them fill the squares with their words by themselves. This will teach them to put words to their feelings. For example, when they're angry or overwhelmed, they will break down their feelings with words. This is vital to their mental health.

Gardening offers a lot of benefits to kids. You get to talk to your children about how the food they eat is grown. There are several ways they can get creative, from building fairy houses to mudpies to growing and nutrition a plant. There is truly no limit to how creative kids can get in a garden.
Mark Making
Teach your kids early to make their mark. Using unconventional means involves drawing patterns, lines, shapes, etc. Then, get them different colors of paints and paper and set them loose. This activity encourages them to convert their feelings into pictures or stories. They will also be more confident and will not be scared to speak out when they need to.

Final Thoughts
The highlighted activities will not only improve your kids' mental health through creativity, but you will also spend quality time with them. But make sure you don't pressure them. Let them go at their own pace. Remember, this is not for you but them. So give them free rein but be available to ensure they don't injure themselves and do the right activities.

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After using journaling as tool to heal her own depression and emotional trauma, Frida R. started Journaling is Self-Care to use her experience to help other women tap into their inner ability to self-heal through journaling. Frida shares her wisdom on her weekly blog at and designs funky, colorful inspirational journals to help you write your way to freedom! Frida unwinds with cheesesteaks and yoga because balance is key.