1. Water is your best friend
You've probably heard this before but water is key to weight loss, and if it's that easy and you're not already drinking it by the gallons, you should start. Buy a plastic water bottle and carry it with you like a child. If drinking a constant amount of water throughout the day doesn't fit your schedule, there may be another solution. Recent studies have found that people who drink 2 glasses of water before each meal lose more weight than those who don't. So, whichever plan works for you, make it happen and don't worry, your bladder will adjust accordingly soon after.

2. Activity of any kind
If you truly hate going to the gym or taking fitness classes, you can do other things to lose weight. It all starts with making the conscious decision to start being active. You burn more calories standing than sitting, so a slight change of pace may be the push you need. Chose to walk to the grocery store instead of drive, get ready for a party earlier and walk instead of call a cab or get a ride. Once you start thinking about all the sitting you do every day, you'll realize how easy it is to tweak certain activities to make them more active. Maybe even suggest joining a sports team with your friends! It may become your favourite pass-time.

3. Food: A dieters enemy
This is a tough one. I don't personally suggest following a strict diet plan because you're often left feeling unsatisfied, bored or discouraged. It's smart to start off by ridding your pantry and fridge of any tempting treats, taking away any possibility of getting off track (at home). Eating right takes a lot of will power for people enjoy fast food, candy and such. But if you're committed to reaching your ideal weight, eating healthy, natural food is absolutely key. Keep a picture of yourself at your goal weight or a celebrity looking fabulous for when you're feeling the edge of temptation. Try and experiment with healthy foods, you may find that an avocado is a delicious snack!

4. All-natural diet pills, tested and true
Diet pills often make people run and turn the other way. However, new diet pills are entering the market these days and they are 100% natural and have countless health benefits. It's important to consult your physician before taking any diet pills and do your own research on every ingredient in the pill you chose. Be sure to go the all-natural route because there are no side effects and you're guaranteed to profit health-wise. Many ingredients in diet pills have been found to help with weight loss, so combined with the 3 aforementioned steps, you'll be on your way.

5. Think happy thoughts
You may think this is a stupid step, but truly, it's key. Without this step in check, the others may as well not exist. If you are constantly keeping yourself down with negative approaches and thoughts, you'll feel discouraged and frankly, sad. Give yourself rewards for each milestone (running 5 miles without stopping, reaching a landmark weight, etc.), this way you'll feel like you're getting somewhere, which you are just by reading this article!

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Christine Jefferson, the founder of 1 on 1 Diets, has 15 years experience as a nutritionists and editor. 1 on 1 Diets is A website which offers weight loss tips, specializing in modern, independent diet pill reviews.