Substance abuse is a massive problem in the United States and a few other countries. The United States has more than 23 million people who are addicted to drugs, alcohol and the like. Drug-related crimes run rampant throughout the United States, as well. U.S. citizens can participate in fighting the war on drugs in many ways. The following are five ways that a person can contribute:

Donate to Research and Rehabilitation

One way that a person can help to fight the substance abuse war is to donate funds to a research or rehabilitation company. The funds that a person donates can help the organization to buy learning supplies or supplies for people who are in a rehabilitation center receiving care.

Volunteer at a Rehabilitation Center

Another way that a person can contribute to the substance abuse war is by dedicating some time to doing volunteer work. A substance abuse center may need someone to conduct tasks such as answering phones, serving foods or cleaning bathrooms. Helping in one of those areas will give the facility staff members the opportunity to conduct other tasks.

Educate One’s Children on the Epidemic

Children are highly susceptible to being sucked in by drug and alcohol abuse if no one teaches them about the dangers of such activities. Therefore, a concerned parent can contribute to the ongoing war by teaching their children about drug addiction.

Get a Masters in Social Work

A master’s degree in social work, as well as a variety of online MSW programs, from an accredited university can open a myriad of possibilities for a person to serve in fighting against the war on drugs and alcohol abuse. An educated person can get a job as a therapist, child protective services worker, school social worker, charity agency worker and more.

Report Suspicious Activities

Finally, a good citizen should report any suspicious activities that he or she sees. Signs of drug use or sales in the neighborhood include frequent visitors that change each time, late night parties, and people who stop by for only a few minutes. Neighbors should be on guard for such activities, but they should also be certain in their accusations.

The substance abuse war is massive, and it needs as many people as possible to suit up and help with the battle. The previously mentioned acts are just a few of the acts that can help to bring down the oppression of drug and alcohol abuse.

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