If you have any iOS-centric device, then you must have known that how difficult it is to find good programs and websites that serves your purpose and gives you a solution to your problem. Most of the times, the iOS users go through the troublesome process of downloading, Mekong an account, watching an Ad, just to find out that the app is not supported by the device.
Keeping this in mind, we have tabulated a list of 5 free sites for iOS users that will work perfectly well to download TikTok videos without watermarks.


Snaptube enables to download TikTok videos on iPhone that too without any watermarks or ads, which makes it convenient for the users.
The app runs without any ads and it doesnot charge you any extra fee for downloading high-quality content. Moreover, there is no limit of downloading videos you can remove as many watermarks as you want.


Savefrom is a downloader tool that can be accessed using Safari and it will download watermark free videos on your device. One thing that should be noted is that it only works with the latest iOS systems, but it is easy and convenient to use.


SnapTik is an easy and super fast site that is compatible with Android and iOS, it is also completely online and doesn’t take much of the space. However, this downloader has ads that is also not a problematic concern.


Qload is a free downloading tool that also has ads but the experience of using this tool is hassle free and very easy for the beginners. You only need a link to start the procedure. It also downloads watermark free videos.


This tool is just like SnapTik it also has ads but it is one of the highly recommended website by iPhone and Android users because of its amazing services and the best quality results. The tool is free to use but users have to go through the process of watching ads.

Download TikTok Video On iPhone Without Ads

Snaptik Online Downloader is the site that best serves the purpose when it comes to downloading Tik Tok video on iPhone. Snaptik also allows users to choose the format they want for downloading, be it MP3, MP4, 480p, 4K or HD.
1 – Copy the link
Go to the TikTok video page on the website and copy the URL of the video. This can be done by pressing the share button.
2 – Login to Snaptik
With the link in your clipboard, move to the SnapTik site And paste the link in the search bar. You can also use the website’s in built browser to search for your videos that you want to download.
3 – Choose the quality of the video
Choose the format and it’s resolution before processing to download. Select the format you want and then adjust the resolution then click download.

Where are TikTok videos saved after you download them?
Your browser usually assign a folder for you when you began downloading and it is automatically saved in that. You can however change that from the browser settings by changing the destination folder before downloading TikTok videos.

Does SnapTik store keep a copy of the downloaded videos?
No, SnapTik does not store the downloaded videos, nor do they keep copies of the downloaded videos. Moreover, TikTok is a completely anonymous website and it does not keep the downloading history of its users.

Do I need to pay to download TikTok videos?
No, the tool is absolutely free of cost however if you want to reward them of their awesome services then you can do that by supporting and watching their ads. This will help them generate the funds they require to run the site.


Are you ready to download videos in your smartphone? Try SnapTik that can be accessed through any browser be it Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. You can also convert the downloaded videos in MP4 format without any hassle. Downloading TikTok videos were never that easy before websites like SnapTik came into the mix. Don’t forget to check all the above mentioned downloaders and give your honest review.

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