Relationships are never cut and dry. There are so many varied dynamics at work. Not only do you have to consider the different interests, temperaments, and personalities involved, but there is also an energetic component that most people aren't ever aware of. We are essentially a collection of energy. Our emotions and thoughts are made up of energy, as well as our desires, our lusts, our likes and dislikes. Everything that makes us who we are is based in energy. When we hold onto traumas, emotions, and events from the past, we retain this energy in our chakras and throughout our bodies. Our chakras are energy centers that make up our Channel of Manifestation. This is the channel through which we create everything in our lives. The chakras are essential in manifestation and act like mini- movie projectors, sending out information to the Universe. When our chakras are blocked with old traumas and hurts, we are holding that information there, like film, and sending it out to the Universe. This brings us to our first reason.

Reason #1: The Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that what we send out we draw to us. So if we are projecting past problems and failed relationships to the Universe, we are likely drawing the same situation, over and over again. Without even realizing it we might be sabotaging ourselves from having a good relationship right from the start.

Reason #2: Triggers. In addition to drawing situations to us, the information stored in our chakras is often 'triggered' by the other person interacting with our energy. For instance, if we have issues about men cheating, we will repeatedly find ourselves in situations of being cheated on or things that make us question it. The insecurity and strain this brings makes it almost impossible to develop the trust that is essential in healthy relationships and creates a sense of animosity.

Reason #3: Perfect Pictures. We tend to absorb our parents' views about love, romance, dating, and marriage. If Mom's idea of the perfect marriage deals with money, we might adopt the belief that the "perfect guy" is rich. If Dad's belief of the "right woman" is that she is blond, then we might find ourselves only dating blonds. The ideals that get implanted in us subconsciously often play a large role in limiting our options by narrowing our vision.

Reason #4: Influence. Without even realizing it we pick up on the thoughts and feelings of others. If our parents secretly don't like our partner, we may find ourselves questioning the relationship. If our partner's parents secretly don't like us, we may find ourselves feeling suddenly insecure in a relationship. Pressure and influence can be exerted without our even being aware of it. But it can definitely affect the outcome of our relationships!

Reason #5: Forgiveness. When problems occur it is important that we forgive and release them from our space otherwise they become energetic 'clutter' that congests our chakras and allows the next offense to simply build on the old. Before we know it, we have a towering pile of heavy energy and resentment. Forgiveness is the simple art of "letting go". It keeps our space clear and open to love and happiness.

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