If you are suffering from chronic nasal allergies, sinus infections and rhinitis, nasal irrigation is one way to deal with all your nasal problems. Stuffy nose, colds and congestion are always present during nasal infections, which means that the nasal passages are perpetually clogged. The nasal passages filter the bacteria coming into the nose, protecting the sinus cavities from infection. Washing the nasal passages will wipe out debris and airborne particles from the nose, and also drain impacted sinuses. You will find that nasal irrigation offers great benefits to your chronic nasal problems.

A new form of nasal irrigation called medicated irrigation therapy is paving the way for allergic rhinitis patients in terms of total relief from breathing difficulties and improving mucociliary function.

Here are five reasons why you should give nasal irrigation a try:

1. It is hassle-free and convenient. Medicated irrigation therapy is done through a nasal saline rinse kit and a custom-molded nasal irrigator bottle that is so easy to use. Unlike other irrigator devices, the bottle used in this therapy is specifically designed for a smooth directional flow to the sinus passages, plus it does not have an inner tube like the usual irrigators in the market. Having an inner tube definitely makes it possible to collect harmful bacteria within the bottle, and this is very undesirable.

2. It is safe and preservative-free. The saline solution used in nasal irrigation via medicated irrigation therapy is a natural sea-salt mixture that is free from any preservatives and harmful chemical ingredients. It is pre-mixed and come in small packets.

3. It is a form of hygiene. Nasal irrigation has long been used as a hygienic practice since the ancient times. Ancient citizens believe that cleanliness in the inside reflects how we feel on the outside. Cupping hands to snort water into the nose and using neti pots were traditionally performed for nasal irrigation, and these are still being practiced by some people today to wash away upper respiratory secretions.

4. It is doctor-prescribed. Physicians encourage patients to do nasal irrigation to prevent any infection, as well as maintain a smooth function of the respiratory system. Your doctor is your best resource authority regarding your well-being.

5. Improves overall sinus health. The nasal passages act as barriers to protect the paranasal sinuses from harmful bacteria, allergens, airborne particles and debris. When nasal irrigation is performed, it is possible to achieve overall sinus health.

Prevention is the key to avoiding the spread of germs to our bodies. Washing hands frequently cannot be overemphasized, because the hands are the most likely to pick-up dirt and bacteria. Clean your computer keyboards regularly. Do not share drinks and eating utensils with other people. Avoid places with high pollen count if you are allergic to pollen. Clean your living spaces to eliminate dust and mold spores. If possible, wear a mask while doing housework and garage clean-ups. Drink plenty of fluids especially water. Be aware of any symptoms of nasal infection and sinus problems.

Aside from your doctor, you can ask your friendly sinus compounding pharmacy for more information about nasal irrigation and other sinus infection therapy treatments.

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