To be able to persuade effectively, you must apply persuasion techniques to get people's attention. However, too many things are often craving for our attention. Because of this, we have developed a sort of filter to shield out those we deemed not important.

The question is: How do we get past the human filter, in order for our message to be heard and for others to pay attention to us? Here's 5 persuasion techniques to accomplish that...

Persuasion Technique # 1: Enter Their World.

People pay attention only to those messages they like to hear, so give it to them. Step into their shoes, adjust your message to be in line with what they like to hear, and tell them.

Persuasion Technique # 2: Know The Right Timing.

People also need to be motivated in order to give attention to you. If they are not motivated, their attention span is short.

Also, if their present state is not conducive to paying attention (for example, they are depressed or lonely), they are less likely to listen to you. So they have to be in the right mood when you impart your message.

I's important to be sensitive to people's present mood and state of mind. There is always a right time to communicate with people, and doing it when they're not in a good mood can significantly reduce your chances to persuade well.

Persuasion Technique # 3: Establish Trust And Get Liked.

People are more likely to listen to you and remember what you have to say if they trust, respect, or like you. Emotions play a big part. If you made people feel good in any way, they will tend to listen and remember you.

Persuasion Technique # 4: Get Them Interested.

If people are not interested, your message will not pass through their filters no matter how hard you try to impress your message in their minds.

Do you notice how you can learn something so much faster because you're passionate about the subject, but cannot get anything in your mind if you hate the topic?

Persuasion Technique # 5: Arouse Their Curiosity.

Master persuaders successfully entice people to come running to them because they have aroused the curiosity of these people. Once in a state of curiosity, people will have a dying itch to satisfy it.

Here are some examples of curiosity arousing statements:

To someone who is broke, these words would strike a chord:

"Research has found that the richest people on earth all know the same secrets that the rest of the world never knew. I finally discovered what they are."

To a basketball player, this would get them curious:

"I have read a book on how to increase your vertical jump by at least 5 inches."

Apply these 5 persuasion techniques and I'm confident you'll get their attention faster than anything you've tried before.

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