Why did he leave me by Beth Shepherd psychic and therapist

I met George six years ago and we hit it off instantly, he was everything I wanted in a man, sensible, bright, caring, loving, sexy, good looking, kind, great job, good with money, responsible and mature! I was over the moon and we fell in love and got closer and closer - or so I thought or so it seemed. After a while I became restless and unsure about us, I felt he should make a proper commitment to us so that I could feel safe and secure, that we were solid. He refused to even discuss it and dismissed it as silly. I nagged and moaned, pushed and went on, but none of it made any difference, I even threatened to end the relationship without this proper commitment but it made no difference. Then I noticed that he started to be too busy to see me sometimes, he started to make excuses to see me less, things he had never done before. Where did I go from here?

For one thing - I knew I needed someone with a clinical and more insightful eye to look at this for me. My friend had recommended me to Beth Shepherd the therapist and psychic so I consulted her. She explained to me that I as too demanding and did not listen enough to him and how he felt, and it was kinda of insulting to him to hear that I need commitments and promises before I believe he loves me and I can trust him. She also pointed out to me that whatever he says now he might change his mind later anyway, promises only count when they are said, they can disappear in a pile of dust in a year or two. Even if the person loves you a lot and really cares a lot that does not mean they will forever - any more than I could be sure I would feel the same way about him later on. In fact in a way it is unwise to be so sure of each other as this can make us lazy and mean that we take each other for granted instead of trying to make them happy.

I can see that Beth is right but sadly it was too late. He had got sick of me moaning and groaning and nagging and left and would not come back. The very thing I feared would happen did happen - because I pushed.


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