‘Unless and until you lose them, you do not know it’s worth.’  Here, our teeth are being spoken of where it helps us perform one of the most important tasks – chewing. Unless we chew food, we do not receive the right nutrition from the food that we eat.

Therefore, teeth care is one of the most essential tasks that one has to pay heed to. While brushing your teeth twice daily and rinsing your mouth after every meal may be the basics, there is a lot more to be done when it comes to caring for the wellbeing of your teeth.

Not everyone gets orders from the Croydon Park dentist, and that is why they tend to make mistakes daily and are unknown about the consequences.  

Aggressive Brushing Doesn’t Clean the Teeth Properly

While several think that using a hard-bristled brush and rubbing aggressively on the teeth can clear away residue, plaque, and food particles in a better way. Well, it is a myth that people follow. In reality, pressing too hard on your teeth can lead to gum problems, removal of the enamel, and exposing the sensitive areas of the teeth to decay and finally tooth loss.

Using Your Teeth as a Tool

If you want to look cool at parties and like opening beer bottles with your teeth or probably wanting to cut your nails with it instead of using a nail cutter, chew on candies and ice instead of sucking on them and much more, you need to remember that your teeth aren’t a tool. Let it do what it is meant for - chew on food. When you perform other tasks with your teeth, there are high chances of it chipping off or breaking especially when you do not know the impact that is coming from the other end.

Using the Same Toothbrush for Long

When you use the same toothbrush for an extended period, the bristles tend to wear off while not giving you the perfect brushing experience. Adelaide Dentist agrees that toothbrushes are known to be a storehouse of bacteria and when you use it for long, the bacteria doesn’t cease to trouble your teeth. Therefore, you must change your toothbrush every four to six months.

Cosmetic Piercing in the Tongue or Lower Lip

Several youngsters think that piercing their tongue or their lower lip makes them look cool. Well, what they forget is that accidental biting if the metal can lead to chipping off of the teeth. For the piercing of the lower gum, the metal is constantly in touch with the gum in the lower jaw. It leads to gum recession, bleeding and infection in the days to come.

Brushing Your Teeth Right After a Meal

Some think that brushing the teeth right after a meal helps it keeping cavities and plaque away. Well, the acids in the food that you just consumed stays back in the mouth while attacking the teeth when it is brushed and cleaned right after a meal.

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When you are at a dental clinic, you receive multiple advices from the dentist. Here are a few tips that can help you with maintaining good oral health. Read on to know more.