Don’t let your success blocked with the negative stereotypes.

Human behavior and decisions are widely affected by the subconscious mind. Subconscious mind is full of boundaries. One of the most effective boundaries is the negative stereotypes.

Stereotypes may affect your success even if you don’t believe in them. Especially women are affected by these stereotypes. Women are believed to be less successful than men about math, physics, financial decision making and less necessary subjects like driving.

All these negative stereotypes affect women’s mind. Even they don’t believe that these are true, they still have doubts. Women doubt themselves about numbers. Dealing with numbers becomes something to be avoided or they prefer to leave numbers to men.

That’s not because women don’t have the ability or their mind is not enough for this. Physics, math or finance knowledge doesn’t care about your genotype. Like other things to be learned, if you have the will to succeed on a subject, than you succeed.

Men are supposed to do better than women on a lot of subjects. I searched the web to find out what women can’t do. It’s incredible. Also, there are lists for what men cannot do. People insist on putting barriers for opposite sex. What’s the use? I guess it should be just for fun. Except from the need of a muscle power, there is no other subject that women cannot succeed like men did. The reason of women’s failure all lies in the negative stereotypes and the negative thoughts of others for us.

Researchers; Priyanka B. Carr of Stanford University and Claude M. Steele of Columbia University studied if women will be irrational and illogical when not faced with negative stereotypes about these. And if these also affect women’s decision making.

At the experiments; when women were faced with gender difference they took more cautious decisions. When negative stereotypes was not mentioned both genders made similar decisions

Source: Stanford Technologies

Another research from psychologist Robert J. Rydell and his colleagues in IU’s Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences studied whether negative stereotypes effects the learning processes of a task before performing it.

“The results seem to fit with the view that the women under threat try harder to carry out the task, thereby persisting in effortful serial search throughout training, and failing to find and learn an alternative strategy that makes search easier and less effortful,” the authors wrote.

Source: Indiana University

Another team of researchers including; Akira Miyake, a CU-Boulder professor of psychology and neuroscience, Associate Professor Noah Finkelstein studied and Tiffany Ito, associate professor of psychology and neuroscience studied if self affirming essays help to reduce the gender gap about success in physics class.

“They’re already interested in these things and are highly motivated to do well in that course,” Miyake said. “It still amazes me that this writing exercise has such positive influences.”

“The research shows that if we affirm people’s self integrity, you buffer them from other threats,” Ito said.

Source: University of Colorado at Boulder

Now, do you still think that there are things women cannot do? It’s only the negative stereotypes that forces women to take the easy way and leave the things to men.

No matter male or female, everyone is effected by the others thoughts about themselves. You have to decide; if you accept the things people say about you, you become who you are expected to be. But if you just ignore the idea and never think about it, you have a chance to become who you want to be.

Here are 5 simple steps to take, if you want to succeed on a subject that you are not supposed to.

*You shouldn’t let the negative stereotypes poison your subconscious mind. Just ignore them.

*Don’t try to prove people they are wrong about you. As you keep working to prove something, you always keep it in mind.

*If you believe in these stereotypes; keep affirming yourself. Keep your integrity and use it as a buffer to other effects.

*Focus on what you are successful at to feel powerful and use this power to accomplish what you want. Read the post: How to make the right decision? Feel powerful

*Start to use these methods initially because negative stereotypes or thoughts about you, can block your success while you are at the beginning.

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