There is a lot of prominences given to the gemstones in India especially because it has a unique mythological reference. During the process of Samudra Manthan, there were varied elements that emerged out and one of the well-known elements was poison (visha) which was gulped by Lord Shiva. Another set of elements emerged were these ratings or the gemstones. Hence, these gemstones are well known to far off the hardships and bring in fulfillment in a person's life.

Power and originality of gemstones
Success is very important in a person's life but in a few individuals' lives, even striving hard work does not yield good results. When the planets (grahas) are compatible with a person, even minute work leads to heaps of success but when the planets are non-compatible, even severe work does not lead the person towards success. By using an apt gemstone that is relevant to the person's sun-sign (Rashi) leads him/her towards good health, wealth, and all amenities required in life.

While looking to buy the Gemstones online in India, one should always be aware of different varieties of gems stones available in the market and which of the stones are compatible with the respective sun-sign. Gemstones are not just a piece of crystals that are cut and polished to give a form of a jewel but each gem has its authenticity. These rathnas work out simultaneously with the seven vital energies or the chakras present in every human body. Each vital energy source balances the nature and its properties outside the body. When a particular gemstone comes in contact with the human body, it increases the efficiency of the human's life.

The seven vital energies represent the seven effective gemstones:

Red coral or moonga is for the root center - The sadness prevails in this particular center and wearing red coral helps to wash out the sadness and brings good health and satisfaction.
Ruby or manikhya for the sacral center - This stone is a representation of energy, vitality, and sensuality as it enriches the energy levels and stimulates the mind to be positive and self-assured.
Yellow sapphire or pukhraj for the naval center - Helps to bring strength, intelligence, and spirituality.
Emerald or Panna for the heart center- The heart chakra is associated with love, relationships, and how we interact with people. It balances all the other chakras of the body.
Opal for throat center- This represents the communication, truthfulness, self-expression, and humor.
Blue sapphire or Neelam for the third eye center- Associated with intuition, higher consciousness, and emotional and spiritual love center.
Diamond or Heera for the crown center- Enlightenment, wisdom and energy, self-awareness towards life is the work of this vital energy source.
There are various other gemstones in which every Best astrologer in India can guide about the suitability for different sun-signs. The astrologers completely get aware of the person's Rashi and planets of a person and guide about the apt gemstones to be worn by the individual.

Value for gemstones
As there is much importance given to these lustrous gemstones and their potential power on human's life, their value also ranges on a better scale. There is no universally accepted value for the gemstones, though historically they were priced by the naked eye. Diamond is valued using the grades provided by the Gemological Institute of America and various others are still following the contemporary method of pricing with the naked eye. Rare and unusual gemstones are definitely worth paying high for as they bring more quality and vibrancy.

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Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer, life coach and member of the Indian Astrologers Council. She has more than 15 year’s practical experience in astrology.