Live chat has emerged out as a highly efficacious solution to customers’ problems. Businesses who recognize the power of this amazing feature leverage it to stand out from the competition, increase customer satisfaction, and boost their revenue growth. Apart from all this, a live chat software can do a lot more for a business, provided, it has all the necessary features. Here’s a list of what all you should look for in a live chat software.

Dynamic solution:
The trends in business and technology are ever-evolving. They come up with a new change every now and then, even if it is a minute one. The basic idea is to keep up with the business requirements. So, an exceptional live chat software is the one that is customizable such that it is capable of adapting to the changing situations.

Consider opting for a live chat software that provides a cut and paste method to integrate code into multiple pages of the website. The solution should also allow transformation of chat buttons, themes, customer-facing interface etc. and more. Such a solution helps your business keep updated with the latest trends in the market.

Proactive live chat:
Do you know what’s better than solving your customer queries in real time? It’s a proactive approach towards customer query resolution. In other words, proactive chat is a way of initiating a chat with your new site visitors so as to increase engagement. This wonderful feature sends out a chat invitation exactly at the point when a customer gets stuck in the middle of a purchasing process or when he/she has been on the site for a few minutes. A live chat software with proactive chat feature enables you to provide help from a person in real time.

Tracking and analysis:
This is another powerful feature that you should look out for in a live chat software. It’s advisable to keep a track of your website performance. So, that’s what a live chat software with reporting and analytics tools does for you. These features enable you to know about the total amount of time spent by your website visitor on each chat, which pages were visited most, the overall activity of your agents, monitoring, chat history and much more.

A majority of the population accesses the internet through their mobile devices these days. So, it’s imperative that you optimize your website, blog and now live chat feature for the same. A mobile-optimized live chat software allows your customers to reach out to you from any device, anywhere. It ensures an easy integration with mobile web browsers and is compatible with any phone. So, when an operator is not present online, a text message can be sent to the operators right away.

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