Shyness can have a huge impact on your life. It can stop you socialising, getting on at work and generally living the life you want to. Do you often feel like there is no way to overcome your shyness? Have a hopeless feeling that stops you taking all sorts of opportunities?

Take heart! You can certainly overcome your shyness and improve your life vastly! It will take a little work and you will need to be persistent but it will be well worth it. Take small steps everyday and in a short while you will see changes. The tips below are just a start, pick one and make sure you implement it for a few days.
I will not lie; it may be difficult at first. But do not give in. The second time will be easier and by the fifth attempt it will be a breeze. Then you can pick another tip and try that one.

1. Make eye contact with everyone you talk to. It is so easy to look at the floor, the ceiling, anywhere but into the other person’s eyes. Looking directly at someone makes them see you in a different light, if they think you are confident, you will become more confident! Start slowly; maintain eye contact for a couple of seconds at first and build up until you hold their gaze steadily for a whole conversation. If you find it really hard, at the very beginning, look just above the eyes, they will never know, and it will lessen your awkwardness.

2. Start a conversation with a new person every day. It can be something tiny and mundane. Make a comment about the weather to the person next to you on the train, ask a shop assistant about a new product, find someone at work you don’t usually talk to and ask about their plans for the weekend. It can be anything. Think of 4 or 5 things you could start a conversation with and then find at least 1 opportunity each day to talk to a new person. You don’t need to have an in depth conversation, just exchanging a few words will get you used to talking to new people and you can gradually build up as your confidence grows. Asking people something about themselves is often a good opener as it puts the onus on them to talk!

3. Be conscious of your body language. Your body language has a huge effect on both how you feel and how other people perceive you. Stand up straight! Keep your shoulders back and head held high. If your posture is poor, see a Chiropractor, Alexander technique practitioner or take up Pilates (all these activities will also help overcome your shyness). Walk confidently, don’t shuffle. Practice this on your own if you must. Walk around your home or garden as if you are the most important person in the world. Then go out and continue that, you really are the most important person in the world? Speak clearly and don’t mumble, again this will take practice. So practice! If needs be talk to yourself or into a Dictaphone until you are speaking loudly, clearly and confidently. Then talk like this in the new conversations you are going to initiate.

This is just the start of the new, confident you. Never give up, keep practising and soon you really will be a different person. You need to take action, just reading tips will not help, so make a plan to implement these tips today. Download the workbook from which has loads more tips and exercises to increase your confidence and beat shyness.

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I have compiled some of the exercises and tips I found invaluable in a free work, available to download from
It really could be the start of the new you - get ready to feel great!