Do you want to make money online or simply in addition to your present income?

To reach out into the formless energy and attract the gold of the universe and differentiate it into form whenever you desire, do the following:

Step 1: Create Limitless Vision

Use your intuition to create a limitless vision of what you want. The word “intuition,” when you translate it into Latin, actually means “in to you.” To me, what that means is when you go “in to you,” you can start creating a limitless vision of what you want. To go “in to you,” or use your intuition, you have to create a quiet space. Depending on what our lives are like, there’s a lot of busy, noisy space, so even if you take 10 or 20 minutes at the beginning or end of your day to have this quiet space, you can go “in to you” and work on your vision. This what all successful people do. Some of them may call it metaphysical. A lot of them just call it “getting it done.”

Step 2: Increase Your Vibration

Use your inspiration to increase your vibration and begin relating with the unseen part of what you want. If you just focus on this one sentence…if you keep asking yourself “What does this mean,” and you sincerely want to know, you’ll find yourself having some powerful insights.

Throughout our lives, our vibration changes. Everything has a vibration, and when you start consciously working to increase it, then you can start matching your reality with what your goals are. Sometimes we have goals, but our vibration doesn’t match what the outer reality would look like, therefore, we can’t have it.

If you can’t match your vibration to the thing you want, there’s no resonance so it can’t stay in your life. One of the ways we do to raise our vibration is by creating foundation, another way is by learning to recognize opportunity. It’s doing the things in your life that you know are the right things, the basics, that will help to “clean up your act,” so to speak.

It will help you to refine and polish yourself more and help increase your vibration. There are more direct ways. Some people work with sound since vibration has to do with sound. You can work with different sounds and that’s another way you can manipulate your vibration.

Step 3: Hold the Vision, Maintain the Vibration

Use your Intellect to hold fast to this vision and inspiration. Keep your mind and attention focused on the vision. In baseball, they say to keep your eye on the ball. It’s the same principle—keep your attention and focus on the vision. That’s an exercise you’ll have to do again and again because there will be times when you’ll say, “What was I just doing? Why was I doing it? Why am I getting up every day?”

We have to go back to what our vision is. That’s why it’s so important to get your vision down on paper and put out a strategy. If you’re new at strategy, then just some basics like “I want to get this done,” and what your goal is so you can keep referring back to it as your map or blueprint so you don’t get lost in your own universe.

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