Have you been trying to lose weight without much success? For so many people it's a life long struggle and no matter what they try "nothing" seems to work. The simple fact remains and that is that weight loss is a science and not an art. Some strategies will work better for some than for other but the reality is that anyone can lose weight. One of the big problems is with what the media is feeding us about weight loss. Most of what we are been told is nothing but false ideas designed to get us buying new pills, new programs and to jump on to the next FAD diet. Yes, some of these products do work but for the most part it's just empty products with no scientific evidence that it works.

When you look at diets then it's easy to see why most people fail on them. When your body is deprived of essential vitamins and nutrients then your mind will drive you to seek it out - even if it means breaking your diet routine. There are a lot of myths that retailers use every day to get us to buy into the weight loss promise. We all want to lose weight and we are all willing to take any quick and easy way to do so. There are 3 myths in particular that I want to expose here and help you see that you don't need to buy into the lies.

1. Sugar Free
When a famous soft drink first introduced their sugar free drink they more than doubles their sales. For some absurd reason they made people believe that sugar makes you fat. Although excess sugar is very bad for you it's not nearly as bad as what they put in there to make up for the lack of sugar. Artificial sweeteners are killing us and because it's essentially chemicals i'ts responsible for much more than just weight gain. If anything, pure cane sugar is much better for you than all those artificial sweeteners we find in sugar free products.

2. Fat Free
Aah. Another one of my favorites. This one is any retailer's dream. It's so easy for people to make the association that if you eat fat free food you won't get fat. Right? Wrong! Eating fats does not necessarily make you fat - although the association is quite a common mistake. Eating excess saturated fats most certainly will make you gain weight and cause cardiovascular problems but thinking that fat free food will prevent you from getting fat is a myth.

3. Dieting
The belief that in order to lose weight you have to go on a diet is a complete myth. With a new diet being "sold" to us every week in the media it's a common mistake. Diets almost always fail simply because the nature of a diet is temporary. What you really need to lose weight is something permanent and to do this you need to change your daily eating habits and make a permanent change.

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