Many of us are familiar with the Law of Attraction. We have heard that what we send out to the Universe, we draw back to us. So we make a great effort to change our 'negative' thinking and behavior. But many people are still not finding success. Many people find they cannot make the Law of Attraction work for them. I am going to tell you why! Quite simply, changing our thinking does nothing unless we remove the energy and emotions we are holding onto! We have 7 major chakras, or energy centers, and these centers combine to create what I call: "The Channel of Manifestation". Simply put, each of the 7 chakras plays an integral role in manifesting our desires. The Crown Chakra connects us to our Higher Self and the Divine. This is where we bring in the energy of possibility. In the Brow Chakra we can visualize our desire and give it form and meaning. The Throat Chakra allows us to give this energy a physical form by allowing us to speak about it, giving it a physical vibration. Our Heart Chakra allows us to desire and feel this energy. Our Solar Plexus allows us to will this energy into manifestation. Our Sacral Chakra allows us to experience how this energy will effect us on a primal level. And finally our Root Chakra allows us to bring this energy into physical manifestation.

So long as you are holding memories, traumas, and emotions in your chakras, they will be blocked and your channel will be closed. This is why people struggle with emotional release, manifesting, and creating their perfect life! The chakras will take the information you have stored there and continually generate it into your thoughts, emotions, and body! The information is also sent to the Universe and this is why so many people don't experience results with the Law of Attraction. No matter how much effort they make to change their thinking and release old hurts, the information they are holding in their chakras works to undermine their efforts by transmitting all the trauma and emotion to the Universe. You will see this will people who are trapped in the same patterns, having the same financial problems, and experiencing the same dysfunctional relationships. This leads us to our first secret:

•Secret #1: Clear Your Chakras! Work with a qualified clairvoyant energetic healer to identify and remove all the things you are storing in your chakras. This will allow you to make a fresh start and more easily manifest your desires. Having your chakras cleared should make you feel clearer, lighter, more calm, and even younger! Most people experience a profound difference and tell me they feel good for the first time in years! This lightness is how are we meant to feel, but the events we hold onto drain us of energy and make us feel heavy.
•Secret #2: Belief and Intention! Believing you have the ability to manifest your desires, and putting intention into everything you do, is a sure way to increase your ability to have the things you want in your life. Nothing can be accomplished unless you believe it can. Working with someone to clear yourself of false beliefs that keep you feeling powerless is extremely helpful. When you can approach life like the child who believes anything is possible and who intends that everything they do is successful, you will find yourself manifesting like never before!
•Secret #3: The Power of Words! Our words are a direct manifestation of our thoughts. Our thoughts direct the energy from Spirit and bring it forth into physical manifestation. What we say, we create. It is vitally important that we pay attention to our words and their effect on our Physical Being. When we speak words of love and forgiveness we are strengthened and when we speak words of hate or anger, we are weakened. This is not religious dogma; this is a verifiable phenomenon. You can test this by creating a ring with your thumb and forefinger and holding it as tight as you can. With your other finger, try to break the ring. The force it takes you to break the ring is your base strength.

Now you can experience the effect the following words/thoughts have on your spirit and how they affect your strength. Repeat the following phrase three times out loud. Then attempt to break the ring. Notice how much strength is required with each phrase and whether you are strengthened or weakened by the words you have used.

•“I love myself.”
•“I hate myself.”
•“I try to love myself.” You will see that when you 'try' to love yourself, you are the weakest of all, even more than hating yourself! This is because the concept of try is false. It sets you up to fail.

Applying these three secrets into your efforts to manifest your desires will make the Law of Attraction work for you!

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