“Kindness is like a snowball that’s rolling down a hill. Each unselfish act or word is another snowflake that greets the others…creating something much larger than itself in the process.” Mac Anderson

I am creating a joyful game of giving gifts of kindness every day for 25 days. Will you join me?

Let’s make it fun. Make it a unexpected gift for someone, if you can. Give a gift to a stranger or to someone dear to you without thought of repayment.

I remember being a college student in Idaho. I was traveling alone at Christmas time excited to get home to my family in southern California. My connecting flight in Salt Lake City was grounded. I ached to be home and so did many other disappointed travelers. A kind businessman said that a few of us students could travel with him in his rental car to Las Vegas where we could pick up our flight. I was deeply grateful for his kindness.

There have been times that I have known that a few kind words and a smile have been the balm to sooth a troubled heart.

Kindness can cost us a few moments and yet be priceless to the receiver.

Here are some suggestions:

~Yield a parking place to someone else at the mall on a busy day.
~Hold the door for the person behind you.
~Allow someone to merge into your lane in heavy traffic.
~Ask the name of the person serving you and thank them by name.
~Let a person in a store line go ahead of you.
~Tip the janitor cleaning the public restrooms and tell them thank you.
~Reach out to someone who is having a bad day; smile and show that you care.
~Each day presents new opportunities to touch the lives of those around us so look for chances to share a kind word or deed.

We can begin a kindness revolution that will spread light, hope, and joy in our communities. I would love to hear about your experiences. What acts of kindness have you experienced whether in giving or receiving?

“Kindness….It’s the one language we can all understand…. even the blind can see it and the deaf can hear it.” ~Mark Twain

Author's Bio: 

Linda Radford facilitates empowering sessions that help you feel your connection to your inner strength, guidance and clarity. She encourages you to tap into your own intuition to find what is true for you, rather than relying on outside opinions. She authentically sees you in your highest possibilities opening you up to discover the best in yourself. She is a catalyst for you to gain clarity and purpose in all aspects of your life from wellbeing and career to interpersonal and professional relationships.