At the beginning of July, an email was received from The Academy of Future Science, informing me about the premier of the movie; “Knowing with Nicolas Cage” would be showing at the local Greenstone cinema. We were informed that there was to be a talk concerning this particular movie, a couple of days later, this was cancelled with no reason being given. For the love of me, I do not know why!

My mind was already made up to go and see this movie. The movie is about the sun dispersing huge solar flashes, which destroys the world in fire, and only selected children are saved by an alien race.

It crossed my mind and I thought, oh my God, what was the content of the talk going to be about!

Is this another Doomsday prediction about our planet is coming to an end in 2012 in a very destructive manner?

I decided that I would spend the next week researching the “ 21 December 2012 ”, the day that many are predicting the end of the world as we all know it.

The first thing that I notice, was that the prophets do not even agree on the date. Some state it is the 21st December 2012 , others mention the 23rd December 2012 . Others mention the 28th of October 2011 , 20th of October 2011 and 2013.

Some different theories
Below are the names of various prophets and their predictions;

Mayans , Hopi Indians , Edgar Casey , Nostradamus , Kali Yuga , Mother Shipton , Bible code , Jewish calendar , Terence McKenna , Bible , St Malachy , Web-bot , John Major Jenkins.

Apocalypse is coming, Polar Shift, Extraterrestrials will come and save the chosen ones, others will perish, Planet X Nibiru will return, Yellow stone will erupt wiping out most of the USA .

There will be Nuclear war . Solar flashes will destroy earth. There will be famine , rapture , World war 3 , Galactic alignment, a huge escalation in natural disasters, weather and environmental changes, sea levels and directions will change.

Asteroids will be hitting the planet. Millions, if not, billions will die. The planet will be destroyed by fire. The planet will be destroyed by water or another ice age. Plagues and disease will wipe out most of the human population.

The Illuminati will control the world and we will be like “Zombie” robots.

This particular one, I think has already happened, as most of the human population are like sheep and are following every rule put down by the people in power without question.

Here is one quote for a happy and cheerful person on the net

“Although no one knows exactly what this coming catastrophe might bring, we can be sure that the outcome will be dire”

Well, I think I will sell everything and go and party in the Caribbean for the next few years that I have left.

That a thought, if the writers of these doomsday books and internet sites really believed there was going to be a doomsday, then why are they hanging around promoting their book they should be in the Caribbean with me. (Maybe, it is just a big money maker)

Let us face it, if we know for sure doomsday is coming and that the whole planet is going to be completely destroyed, then the truth is, we can do nothing to stop it. So unless you are planning on joining me in the Caribbean then it is pointless to know about it.

Trust me, I am not going to live like a cave man in the Stone Age, I do not want to experience that one. I will be off to another dimension quickly experiencing another experience.

Is all of this going to happen as the clock turns to 21 December 2012 at 11.11 universal time? The date that most say the Mayan calendar ends, this ties in with the work done by Terence McKenna on the I Ching.

In my opinion, if it is worth much, 21 December 2012 is just another 2YK.

It is a date that is going to build up fear and panic the closer we get to it.

Who does that serve; the hierarchies , the controllers, it is simple the hierarchies of our dimension do not want to let go control. 2012 is a very clinical year for awakening and what stops awakening, fear does, be aware but do not succumb into any fear scenario.

David Wilcock mentioned that the controllers had a looking glass that they could see into the future and when they viewed 2012 all they saw was white energy. That means from 2012 the controllers have lost their advantage of seeing the future and manipulating our dimension to suit their needs.

The world you live in will look the same on the 22nd December 2012 as it did on the 20th December 2012 and if all goes well, the world you live in 2020 - 2050 will be different than the world you lived in 2006.

What will have changed?

Our economy and financial structures will be completely changed, business will be built on cooperation instead of competition where dog eat dog, a greedy world. Our sea levels will have risen extensively and some islands like the Seychelles will be submerged under the sea, our cost lines will be remoulded.

Our energy systems will be planet friendly and low cost, we will know the theory of everything and realise we are the creator of our lives collectively and singularly and the dimension we live in is one of infinite illusionary realities.

Parallel worlds will be a given; and contact with inter dimensional beings will be a normality.

Our population will be decreased and remain stable. And on a planet friendly number, animals will have much more space and rights and quantum computers will revolutionise our world.

Our bodies will have evolved into another being more loving and caring with compassion for others with many activated spiritual qualities and resources.

We will live in a physical reality with the principles of the ONE. Police, armies, ruling Governments, hospitals, drugs, religion will no longer exist and will only be a faint memory.

We must understand that before we can attain this there is a lot to be done.

There is no guarantee that we will achieve this. There will be many challenges on the way and the future of our dimension will depend on our reaction to the collective awakening process of our dimension. Between 2010 and 2017 will be a critical time for us if we are to move forward to achieve this in the future.

There will be more about all of that in part 2 in our next newsletter.

In the meantime back to 2012 research.

As I was researching 2012, I was looking for a “concept of 2012”, which would fit into my belief of our reality and what it really is.

That belief is; we are infinite Oneness beings experiencing a restricted illusionary virtual reality game, which is no more than a digital information program which was written by the One for us to experience in. It is only one time line, of a much more similar possibility of other time lines.

The closest I came to a concept that fitted into my beliefs was the decoding of the Mayan Calendar by Carl Calleman who wrote the book, Transformation of Consciousness.

Transformation of consciousness describes divine creation from the Big Bang 16 billion years ago until the “end of linear time”: October 28, 2011 (see picture below)

You can clearly see that this is the map of a digital program from beginning to end, which was created by the one for Oneness beings to experience in, by evolving or devolving their awareness of consciousness.

It is similar to a TV “soapie”.

It has 9 series with different themes, (9 underworlds), each theme has 13 different episodes of creation, abiding by the laws of that theme. Each series theme is a follow on from the previous series theme; otherwise the cellular has to be written into the program for the mammalian program can exist. Just like you need a running program like windows before you can install Adobe to select PDF files on your computer screen.

You cannot have an experience of driving a car in the cellular underworld, you have to create yourself into the planetary underworld or higher, but you can have a cell experience in all worlds.

You can create yourself in the 1st world and move up the awareness ladder all the way to the 9th world. Or you can create yourself straight in to the planetary world.

The awareness of your consciousness determines which level you experience. Just remember the awareness of our consciousness evolves and devolves all the time depending on the experience it wishes to take part in. There is only creation and recreation, no experience is superior or inferior to the other.

Just like all programs and TV soapies they all have to come to an end sometime and this is what will happen in 2012, the program stops. This is the reason quite a number of the ancients’ calendars stop at the same time because they are all maps of the same program.

When the ancients looked down the time line into the future and saw 2012 they could see nothing, the same as when the controllers looked through their looking glass and only saw white energy.

This means the restricted program will no longer be in control of our destiny and we will truly become free co-creators of our future and write the new program moment to moment.

Carl Calleman says the same in so many words on his website.

The end date of 28 th of October 2011 simply reflects the point in time when the Cosmic Tree of Life attains its highest quantum state.

To use a Hindu metaphor it becomes logical that the attainment of this highest state means liberation from the wheels (cycles) of Karma. (Karma is a controlling illusionary program)

The processes that have been driving cosmic evolution until now will no longer be operating and after some time for things to settle the human beings will be left to create evolution themselves. Simply put “The program stops and it will be in our hands exactly what Oneness told me ”

Here is something else that got my attention from Carl’s calendar. The picture of the Galactic underworld is describing the state of the worlds economy from 2008-2011.

The start of the 5 th night shows exactly the time when the economy meltdown started , as we went into the 6 th day, OBama came into power and is going to save the world with change, but as you can see the 6 th night will be the start of the real economy crash through out the world bringing down the hierarchies.

This also matches with Harry .S .Dent Jr’s Prediction, that I described in last months newsletter when he stated that the economy will recover in mid 2009 (it is happening now) and start to crash betweeen the end of 2009 and late 2010.

As mentioned in the last newsletter, 2010 and 2012 will be defining times in our reality, if Carl Calleman and Harry .S. Dent predictions are correct for 2010 world economy total crash.

Then we will know for sure that we are on the way to collective transformation and the game is on.

Within Part 2, which will be coming soon the following will be discussed

What do I think will occur between now and 2012 and what lies beyond 2012?
What happens when the program stops?
What part are you to play in this collective awakening and what is your purpose in this reality?
What is the purpose of the game at this point of time and what are we trying to achieve?
What can stop us achieving the result we desire to manifest, and what happens to us and our dimension if we don’t achieve our desired manifestation?

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Paul Birnie is the founder of Crystalworlds and websites http://www.crystalworlds.com , and http://onenesspendants.com http://www.crystal-healing-necklace.com that contains the secrets to a great, abundant and enriched life. Most of his information has come from Aron a Oneness being that has Communicated over the last 4 years. Argon has taught him all about how to create in this reality,the matrix and oneness (infinite love)