Decisions making is one of the most important steps to be successful. Success can have different meanings for everyone but in brief it is achieving the goals you set. You should make the right decisions to achieve your goals and succeed.

Unfortunately, there are some unseen traps that force you make different decisions than you actually want. You can avoid these traps, if you understand the factors that shape your decisions.

Making Decisions is Like A Battle Field

Before you start making decisions, you have to be ready for the battle. You must have a clear mind about what you want to achieve. Do not forget, you cannot carry everything with you to a battle. You have to give up what makes you slow.

  • Give up your worries,
  • Give up your ex- failures,
  • Give up your doubts,
  • Give up your quilt.

None of them can help you make a successful decision.

  • Take your self-confidence,
  • Take your courage,
  • Take your goals,
  • Take your ex-successes.

All of them will help you make a successful decision.

A clear mind about yourself and your goals is essential for success.

Choices can Confuse Your Mind

External Traps

When you are trying to decide among your choices, you MUST have a clear mind. There are some traps that you should be aware of. Here is a list about the choice traps.

1. When none of the choices you have is compatible with your goal, you have a conflict. This conflict might force you to defer your decision or you accept a compromise one. If you have a clear mind you can find out new ways to achieve your goals.

2. People are good at justifying their indulgences. You should make a decision which you do not have to justify. If you are trying to justify your decisions you should reconsider your options. The right decision does not need justification.

3. Your set of choices affects your satisfaction about your decision and your bias to pay for it. If you choose the option which dominates the others you feel more satisfied with your decision than choosing the same option between two similar ones. You think that you made the best decision.

You should be able to make your choices without being affected from how the choice is presented or framed. Unless you have a clear mind about your goals, every choice can influence you.

4. It is hard to make a decision between two similar options. This may sometimes make you delay your decisions. But, when you have a third option which is not as attractive as the others, you will probably make your mind easily and happy with the one you choose. So, you have to be careful about the third choice. This may turn your focus back from your goals, to the choices you have.

5. When you have too many choices, it gets harder to examine the cons and pros so, you simply give up. You delay your decision until you have enough time to examine everything or you decide not to choose and go on with your life.

If you feel OK with choice overload you should try to increase your choices.

6. When you have a large amount of information, it is harder to evaluate the choices and it takes more time to decide. You must have a clear mind which is goal oriented, so you can pick the right information which is the most important. So, you can make a better decision by evaluating the right information which you need to succeed.

Mood Affects Decisions

Internal Traps

Sometimes youhave to make your decisions when you are stressful or unhappy. Whatever you feel directly affects your choices. Here is a list of emotional traps which you should be aware of while making decisions.

7. Sometimes you may have doubts about the choices before you decide. After you make your decision, all doubts fade away and your evaluation about your choice improves.

You should be careful now. Your satisfaction about your decision can only be the affect of the decreased stress after deciding what you want. You must clear your mind to see if your decision will help you achieve your goal.

8. People have bias to short-term rewards over long-term ones. Although giving up short-term benefits can bring increased outcomes in the future, immediate rewards can disturb your decisions. You need to be committed to your goals. If short-term rewards do not help you, you must focus back to your goals.

9. If someone you are connected with, had to make a choice like yours before, you may have the tendency to follow. You must be sure that you are not following the steps of failure. On the other hand, others success may not fit to your goals.

10. Making a complex decision can be like a swamp. The more you work on it, the more you sink deeper. As time goes by, you start digging unnecessary details about the choices and you miss the big picture. You try to make a decision bottom-up. You get stuck in details.

Interruptions can help you see the big picture. You should take some time to work on anything else. When you focus back to your choices you will be able to see the big picture; your goals. You will make your decisions top-down and your decisions will be goal oriented.

11. Sometimes you need to make simple decision which does not include too much information. This time you should focus on the choices and should not be interrupted. If the decision is not tangled, changing your focus to something else is not a good idea.

Complex decisions can be made better subconsciously but simple decisions should be made consciously.

12. Your mood always plays a role in decisions making. Your mood changes which choice you pick. When you are happy and make a decision between similar choices, you choose the first choice you come up to. If your choices differ in important features, you decide to wait until you have all the choices. This time you tend to choose the last choice you evaluated. You must have a clear mind about your goals to avoid any affect.

13. You may decide among choices analytically and you may be successful at this. When you are interrupted, things can change. Sometimes you cannot handle multi asking and you can choose a mental short-cut and make a compromise choice. This is not a decision, it is only choosing the neutral choice you have. Compromise choices generally cannot help you to achieve your goals.

14. Sometimes it is difficult to make decisions when you have too many choices. But, when the choices are represented to you with categorization, you can decide easier. Bad part is, the categorization does not have to be significant to make you feel self-determination. That kind of categorization can force to miss some of the choices and make a wrong decision.

On the other hand, when you are overloaded with choices, you can make your own, meaningful categorizations to make a successful decision.

15. When you are making a decision between two positive outcomes, you tend to be more conservative. On the other hand, when all the choices end with a loss, you tend to take more risk.

16. Stress has a negative affect on your decision making. When you are making decisions under stress you tend to bear in mind the rewarding options. Unfortunately, you overlook information about negative outcomes. You must control your emotions and focus on the choices you have.

Your Strongest Weapons to Make the Right Decision

There will always be internal and external factors which will affect your decisions. You must be ready for the battle. If you keep your weapons loaded, you will not be interrupted anyway.

Your strongest weapons are;

  • Self-Confidence - the start of decision making for your success,
  • A Clear Mind about your Goals - end of decision making for your success.

A clear mind about yourself and your goals is essential for success. Success is only a state of mind. Your brain must have the right frequencies to be confident, creative, motivated, to have courage, to be free of fears and worries and whatever you need to succeed.

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Before taking any step, be sure that your brain has the right frequencies.

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