It seems like the gluten-free diet is the new in-thing. As people across the globe are adopting a gluten-free diet, Indians are not far behind. But what exactly is a gluten-free diet? Gluten is a type of protein which is found in various food substances such as wheat and barley. Here we present to you a 1400 Calorie Gluten Free Weight Loss Diet Plan for Indians. This diet plan will help you plan your gluten-free eating schedule.

1400 Calorie Gluten Free Weight Loss Diet Plan for Indians

Many people are unable to consume gluten in any form and if they do, they contract a number of Health issues. The most common form of gluten-intolerance causes celiac disease. It can also cause osteoporosis, cancer, fatigue, anemia, irritable bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and lupus. Gluten is present in various foods that we eat every day – bread, biscuits, cake, cereals, pasta, soup, sauces, and salad dressings.

How do you know you have gluten-intolerance?
Our body has different ways of indicating that it has a problem. The most common symptoms of gluten intolerance include:

Abdominal pain
Excessive fatigue
Unexpected weight loss or gain
Thinning of hair
Mouth ulcers
Acid reflux
Joint and muscle pain
Inability to concentrate
Numbness in legs
Mood swings
Anxiety and depression
Irregular menses
Benefits of Eating Gluten-Free Diet
Whether you are gluten intolerant or tolerant, there are several benefits of following this Indian Gluten-free diet plan, Some of them are stated below.

Gluten-free diets help in Autoimmune disorders
Gluten-free diets also reduce inflammation in the joints and thus helping in conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.
These diets are also commonly used in autistic children, as it supposedly brings improvements in such conditions.
Gluten-free diets have overall benefits on health and digestive system
Gluten-free has now become part of a healthy lifestyle. These diets, along with cutting carbohydrates, and eating more vegetables and fruit, help some people lose weight.
These diets are practiced by weight watchers all across the globe for its weight loss benefits. Hence we came up with this 1400 Calorie Gluten Free Weight Loss Diet Plan for Indians. please read on to know what is the plan and how it works.
How do you go gluten-free?
Going gluten-free isn’t an easy task. Many people feel really frustrated when they find that they cannot eat so many foods. It also makes eating out a problem. A restricted diet certainly makes you feel like you have a serious disease and ironically you crave for just the things you’re supposed to avoid! Well, there’s nothing to worry about. Your body will take a little time to adjust to the change but eventually, it will adapt.

Eating a gluten-free diet doesn’t mean that you stop eating all grains. There are various grains which do not contain gluten and can supply your body with all the required nutrients in sufficient amounts. These include wild rice, oats, brown rice, corn, millet, amaranth, quinoa, and buckwheat. These grains contain ample quantities of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. There are various restaurants which specialize in gluten-free foods and make all the efforts to serve you sumptuous gluten-free dishes. here is a complete list of Indian foods that are allowed and what you need to avoid while following this 1400 Calorie Gluten Free Weight Loss Diet Plan for Indians

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