1) Regular health routine:
The chemicals circulating in our body are responsible for our happiness and our problems. Let me explain, a deficiency in serotonin or nor-epinephrine is linked with depression and happiness is linked with encephalins and endorphins. These chemicals are natural substances produced in our body by certain triggers.
Research on anxiety, depression and exercise shows that exercise:
1) Releases feel-good brain chemicals such as encephalins, endorphins and other neurotransmitters that can act as natural anti-depressants and natural anti-anxiety agents.
2) Reduces immune system chemicals that can worsen the mood
3) Increasing body temperature, which may have soothing and calming effects
In addition to the above mentioned benefits exercise can make you feel better about your appearance and staying fit promotes confidence.

2. Clear goals: Happy healthy men have clear goals and priorities in life. Everyday with the increase in media and communication devices, we are regularly bombarded with distractions and it is easy to lose track. Healthy men are clear about their goals and follow a steady course. A quick and easy way to set your goals is to write down 100 things you want to do/ achieve in your life, 50 things you want to do /achieve over the next 5 years and 30 things you want to do / achieve over the next 1 year. This will give you a sense of great purpose and direction in your life.

3. Clear values: Happy, healthy and calm men have clear principles they operate on, they know what qualities they aspire for and what qualities they respect and admire when demonstrated by others?
This gives them a clear sense of purpose in life. Take a moment to make a list of the qualities you desire to develop in your life and values you stand for.
4. Socialization: Happy, healthy and calm men know the importance of keeping social connections alive. Studies in social psychology have revealed that people who have more social connections and socialize more, tend to have lesser levels of anxiety.
When two people are on the same wavelength and seem to have much to talk about, the levels of anxiety naturally diminish.
5. Regular grooming: Happy, healthy men review their appearance from time to time, to make sure they are looking their best. This accentuates their personality and how they come across to people and alters the response they get from others. Others feel good interacting with them and being seen around with them.

6. Having a hobby: Happy , healthy men have a hobby they can rely on whenever they need a break. This hobby captures their attention and provides them a refuge from their troubles and worries.

7. Healthy diet habits: Like we discussed earlier, the chemicals circulating in our body are responsible for our happiness and our problems. By choosing organic foods and foods that lack artificial preservatives, you can reduce the foreign substances circulating in your body. By avoiding junk foods you can ward off a truck load of health problems and stay fit and feel good.

8. Learning to say NO: Happy healthy men know when a commitment or undertaking is not paying off good returns and remain open to accepting that they have made an error in their judgment. They know when to say “No” to activities that are draining their energy without paying good returns.

9. Cleanliness: Cleanliness ranks high on the list of priorities for happy, healthy and calm men. Studies in human productivity reveal that people who often maintain a clean desk and work environment often have high levels of productivity and decreased levels of anxiety and stress. The same applies to living environment. Can you imagine a happy healthy person living in a cluttered and dirty environment? Enough said!

10. Having a mentor: Having a mentor in life gives you a great opportunity to stay on track. Happy, healthy and calm men know the importance of having a hand to hold during stressful times and they also know that sometimes emotions can be overwhelming. Having a confidant and coach you can talk to can greatly reduce the levels of anxiety in your life.

11. Clear Communication: Clear communications makes people feel happy, content and at ease.
Happy, healthy men know that telepathy is not a good form of communication and they express their needs clearly. Clear communication promotes trust towards the communicator and his message. People hate to be kept in the dark; there is a consistent need to communicate feelings in a gentle manner. Clear communication reduces misunderstandings and reduces grudges, disappointment and other negative feelings. Happy healthy men understand the need for clear communication, they regularly polish and keep their communication skills in check.
12. Healthy finance: Believe it or not, financial issues can be major source of anxiety and worry in daily life. A bad financial state can give you sleepless nights and unexpected heartaches. If you begin to ignore finances, you are paving your way to misery land. Happy, healthy and calm men know the important of a healthy financial state and strive to keep it under control.

13. Relaxation routine: Happy healthy men have their own relaxation routine. For some it may be Yoga, for other it may be meditation or jogging or a workout. Life for an adult can be demanding and it is crucial to have something in life that consistently calms you down and keeps your nerves balanced.

14. Non-reactivity: Being non-reactive is crucial to emotional stability. The most regretted actions in life are ones that are carried out in high emotional influence. In fact if you learn how to never get overwhelmed by emotions and maintain a stable and still center inside of you, you will never be anxious for long periods of time. Emotions will come and go but you can remain grounded, focused and stable once you learn the art of non-reactiveness. Let a day pass before you react to strong emotions and you will see the truth in the situation. Happy healthy and calm men have mastered the art of non-reactivity.

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Ryan Rivera battled anxiety for 7 years. He becomes free of it after focusing on natural forms of treatment. Learn about these different types of alternative treatments for anxiety and panic at www.calmclinic.com.