It is true to believe that each person has a different concentration and retention capacity, but that is not the reason to accept your diminishing memory. There are several methods which has been scientifically proven to recall things better. A few of them are mentioned below.

1. Pay Attention:

You cannot remember any information if you do not pay attention to it. Memorizing information without taking it in is not possible. It also helps better if you are interested in the information, as it becomes easier to be attentive and remember it longer.

2. Structure the Information:

Dividing the information in a structured way is one of the best techniques to recall information. For example, if you are remembering a paragraph for the exam, divide it into subheadings rather than recalling it as a chunk of text. This will help in remembering each section better.

3. Involve Most of Your Senses:

Not just listening, but you should also make use of most of your senses to remember the information. For example, take down notes while listening to a lecture or smell and touch each ingredient in a cooking class to remember better.

4. Use Mnemonics and Coloring:

Take in the information and try to connect it with an image or acronyms. You can also color code the information to remember it easily. Your brain works in a weird way, and it is easy to remember information when you link it with mnemonics.

5. Repeat and Rehearse:

The information you wish to remember needs to be repeated several times in your mind, which will make sure you do not lose the information. You can recall what you learned before you sleep so that the memory does not fade away.

6. Don't Use GPS Always:

Relying on GPS always for navigation has been found the main reason for the shrinking of the hippocampus that is the brain's part which shifts information from short-term memory to long-term memory. Memory decline is associated with the poor hippocampus which is why try to use GPS minimum and use your brain to get back home.

7. Don’t Use Google Right Away:

Technological advancements have made things easier to do, but it has also minimized challenges that used to keep our minds busy. Finding the meaning of a word in the dictionary helps in remembering it better, as it involves the process of touching a book and flipping pages to find it. Googling everything is not the best way to make your brain work.

8. Keep Your Mind Busy:

Keeping your mind busy is going to exercise it and improve the concentration and retention levels. Play brain teaser games rather than keeping your mind ideal that will help better with concentration.

9. Eat Healthily:

Eating the right nutrients is definitely going to boost your memory. While eating a balanced meal is a good idea, you still need to take an additional Promind complex supplement to enhance your memory power.

10. Maintain a Fixed Sleeping Routine:

It has been noted that maintaining a fixed sleep timing helps you to get better rest in the night. A rested mind is the one that can concentrate the best.

11. Avoid Screen Time Before Bed:

Your screen emits blue light that suppresses the production of melatonin, which is the sleep hormone. Hence your sleep cycle may get affected if you do not avoid screen before sleeping. This will in-turn cause your brain to be overworked and cause a lack of concentration thereby.

So next time you wish to remember a recipe to the 'T' or remember the answer to a question, make use of these techniques that will imprint the information in your mind for long-term.

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Narendra Sharma is a Freelancer Writer, Entrepreneur and passionate blogger. A writer by day and a reader by night.