Whether you are planning a trip or packing the kids for camp, there are certain items that need to be considered. Here is a twist on the traditional backpacking pack-list.

10 Essentials for a Successful Life

1. Navigation: map, compass, possibly a GPS (goal progress system)

2. Hydration: drink, drink drink more water and establish a practice to allow flow into and out of your life emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

3. Nutrition: empower your body, mind, and soul regularly

4. Protection: set boundaries where necessary. Have a place/process for retreating and regrouping. Go there as often as necessary, at least once a week although three times or more a day is also reasonable in times of stress.

5. Insulation: take a moment to really let the "good stuff" sink in. Notice when something feels good and where in your body you feel it. Let it spread to other parts of your body.

6. An energy source: prayer, meditation, a memory, song, line of poetry, walk in the woods…have something with which you can connect and from which you can draw strength when you need to. This should be something with which you connect alone.

7. Illumination: look at things in many different lights before noticing which one resonates. What does the situation look like in fluorescent light? Incandescent? Candlelight? Kerosene lantern? Moonlight? Indiglo? What parts you see more clearly? What parts would be harder to see? Do you need to see them? Reframing can be very powerful.

8. First Aid: have a support system. This can include your energy source and more. Your first aid kit will expand, shrink and change over time. It might include (or not) family, clubs, friends, religious institutions, values, your hairdresser or massage therapist.

9. Shelter: have a place where or person with whom you can spend time just being you. No need to explain who you are, how you see the world, why you feel the way you do. Sometimes a place or person from your past can be very powerful IF it helps you to connect with your core/authentic self.

10. Whistle: be able to ask for what you need, when you need it, from the person who can likely give it to you. You never know what you can get until you ask for it.

As someone who has backpacked around the globe I can tell you that there is a certain freedom in knowing that everything I need is on my back or knowing that I can carry all I need. I firmly believe we each have all the answers we need inside of us. I help clients to become more aware of their knowledge. So pack up your essentials, know that they are inside you and remember to use them!

(c) 2007 Sharon Greenspan All Rights Reserved.

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Connecting knowledge, experiences and resources in order to help people build a better life for themselves is the driving theme for Sharon's career and her personal mission. Sharon does this by providing opportunities and means for you to examine your beliefs and to awaken your imagination.

Sharon Greenspan is a certified coach, trainer and speaker. Organizations, governments and individuals have used her services for over a dozen years. Her work spans 5 continents and changes people’s lives.

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