Simple tips that can help you save money on your car insurance in Alberta

Car insurance, like many other things, is a major decision that requires careful consideration. The best car insurance rates in Alberta do not simply fall in your lap, you have to do some research and talk to the right people. If you are looking for fantastic car insurance that meets you needs and budget, follow these tips. You may just find a policy that works for you without having to break the bank.

  • Check rates in your province: Insurance companies generally do not reward their longtime customers. In fact, they can end up charging them more, which is why you should always look around when you are looking for car insurance. Online comparison is probably your best bet and an excellent first move in finding a better car insurance rate. Go online and see what companies are offering, then make a list of the ones that you think will work for you.
  • Car insurance deductibles: If you increase your deductibles, you will be on the hook for more money in each claim, but it can also seriously lower your premiums. This is sometimes a better bet for people with great records and lots of driving experience who can afford higher deductibles.
  • Minimal coverage: If your car is not worth a lot, it may be time to redo your policy to protect you and not the vehicle. Minimal coverage will cover liability and, if you opt out of collision, you can save a significant amount. You’ll still be protected for other people’s vehicles, yours will just not be covered.
  • Driving course: If you complete a driver’s education course, your premiums could go down. This is especially useful if your driving record is less-than-stellar.
  • Improving your driving record: Did you know that your previously-incurred tickets are stricken from your driving record every three years? That means being on your best behaviour could help you get a cleaner driving record, and that can mean lower premiums.
  • Private garage: Having your car parked in a secure location, like a locked garage, reduces the chances of theft or vandalism. That, in turn, can lower your premiums.
  • Bundle: Just like your cable package, bundling insurance can save money. Except in this case no one will try to sell you on a landline!
  • Professional membership: That’s right, “who you know” is a thing in car insurance. If you are a union member or belong to professional organizations, some companies will offer you a discount.
  • Seniors: There are entire insurance packages that can help you save on your premiums created just for senior citizens.
  • Alumni: If you graduated from a Canadian university, like the University of Alberta, you may be entitled to an alumni rate with lower premiums. Check out your alumni information to see which companies are offering discounts for graduates.

Want more tips for saving on car insurance in Alberta? Get a quote below and connect with an insurance expert to learn more.
When it comes to car insurance in Alberta, the best rates need to be balanced with the right kind of coverage. Like many services and products you buy, however, the best way to find the right car insurance for you is to do the research, talk to professionals and weigh your options. Armed with the right information, you can make a better-informed decision that puts your needs, and budget, first.

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