You have heard this important message, “the family that plays together stays together.” This can be hard to do for some families with such diverse schedules. However, choosing a group exercise offers two-fold benefits for your family. It strengthens the bond among the family and it also burns those unneeded fat calories for a fitter body. Many people struggle to get fitness in their daily routine. One of the reasons that some people have a hard time working out is that they don’t want to sacrifice time with the family. Most active families choose to combine both. What they do and are successful is to schedule it and making it a weekly ritual until it is established. Choose a day that is convenient such as a Saturday morning or a mid week evening bike-riding session.

It may be easier for younger children as you can take them riding around the neighborhood and that is good enough. Put some fun in it and ask the children some questions before and after the ride (such as the neighbor who has a particular tree that they like or ask the color of one of their friend’s parents front door). For the older children in the family, you may give them the choice to plan where to ride the next week. Here you are teaching them to make decision and exercise control. Enough being said think up games that are suitable for your family to play when you have this time together. Read and follow these 10 safe tips and enjoy your time together:

• Wear a helmet that fits snugly down to the mid-forehead. The strap around the chin should be tight with only a finger-width of play.
• Never ride while dark or at dusk. Children should call home first and get parent’s guidance if darkness falls before they can ride home.
• Never carry a baby under age 1 on a bike trailer. Babies that are young don’t have enough back and neck strength to sit up and wear a helmet.
• Always stop and check traffic before riding into a street
• Ride on the right side of the road and obey all traffic laws. Make sure to signal when turning, stopping or pulling out into the road.
• Take extra care when making left turn, as motorists are not expecting to you to make such turns.
• Wear light or bright colored clothing that is visible to traffic, other cyclists and pedestrians.
• Yield the right-of-way to pedestrians and cars.
• Take note of parked cars and avoid riding close to them.
• Have a whistle, horn, or call out when you are going to pass someone from behind.

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