Baby Girl – Initial and Name –

This is one of the best personalised baby gifts from Ireland for new born baby girl. You can see how beautiful this initial name frame looks. It is a perfect gift you can gift to baby girl. It is not suitable for baby boy.

Personalised Baby Gift

You can customize this frame accordingly, you can change name, date of birth, body weight during birth and birth time. Its normal size is 9 x 9 inches.

You can get this at online store available at best prices.

Peekaboo Baby – Colour-

Being fully customisable unframed print for little human, this gorgeous, colorful gift would be the perfect choice for newly born baby, both for boy as well as girls.

It can be customized accordingly by changing names, weight, date of birth, additional details such as hat colour, pom pom colour, hair colour, skin colour or any additional information.

In addition to this, it is made from high quality digital print on recycled silk finish 300gsm paper. Its size is A4 (210mm x 297mm).

Moreover, it is available in different shapes, sizes and designs. You can get this at online store at best prices. Check out now before the expiration of offers and discounts.

Disposable Pampers –

It’s the most basic and useful gift one can give to newly born baby. Changing pampers at regular time interval can help in keeping the baby away from infections and allergies which are responsible for generating several diseases. A small size pant type diaper from Pampers would be an apt choice for a newborn.

Don’t be late in buying this product. Ensure safety of your child now.

Baby Bather –

Parents always becomes very conscious at the time of bathing their baby. Sometimes they need to toil hard. So this baby bather will reduce their effort and provide relaxing and joyful bath for the baby.

It’s very practical as well as portable and is a must for new parents.

Baby’s Room Décor –

You can also gift this room décor to for new born baby. This is because a hygienic environment is a must for baby’s health. One can choose from a wide selection of things to put in the room such as pictures, frames, wall stickers, baby room lighting, height charts, rugs, carpets as well as drapes.

Baby Carrier Sling –

This is another fundamental new baby gift useful for baby as well as for parents. This sling will make it easy for mothers to carry their baby while going out and relaxation for the baby.

You can get this carrier sling at different shapes, sizes and designs at online store at best prices. Do keep in mind the age recommendations while buying the sling, as smaller babies usually require extra neck support.

Playing environment –

Providing playing environment to baby is a great and awesome ways to engage babies and thus keeping them relaxed and playful. Once the baby starts rolling, he is likely to find some other ways to getting involved in playing. But it is advisable to gift them at 2 – 4 months of age.

Balloons –

Babies like balloons very much. You can gift them and they will enjoy playing with balloons. You can use balloons to keep them engaging distracting them from doing something unhealthy and you can use balloons when they cry in order to keep them at ease.

Bouncing chair –

Bouncing chairs are fun to use and are unique baby gifts you can give it to babies or to their parents. Babies will love this very much. You can keep them distract and happy by keeping them at this chair which starts bouncing. Bouncing chairs are similar to moving chairs. You only need to put them into the chair and provide them toys. Parents would also be benefited from this. If baby is annoying during some important work then they can use this.

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