Getting the most precise, perfectly curved and beautiful pair of eyebrows has become a concern for the young ladies. It is often suggested by the beauticians that properly groomed eyebrows can enhance your overall appearance. Women rush to different makeup artists and parlours and spend a lot of money just to keep their eyebrows in shape.

Eyebrow Threading

However, not everyone is lucky enough to get fully grown eyebrows, and some even go through more severe problems when they realise that their eyebrows are over plucked or threaded. It may feel quite devastating as you cannot replicate natural eyebrows with pencils or any other hacks immediately. There are also women out there who are left with almost nothing on their forehead due to the health ailments they suffer from.

It can prove to be quite hectic and time-consuming for them to do the entire eyebrow shaping with their makeup over and over again before going out. If your eyebrows get over plucked, it may take at least six to eight months for getting the brows back in shape. There are beauty treatments available for combating such conditions. However, the procedures are excessively costly, and for this reason, most of the women feel reluctant to opt for such treatment.

You can follow some straightforward and easy steps to accelerate the process of hair growth.

Avoid touching and rubbing your eyebrows frequently: If your eyebrows look fragile after the eyebrow threading, the first thing you need to do is to restrict yourself from touching your brows now and then. The rule applies for tweezing as well. You have to convince yourself that you will not tweeze those till the time it fully grows back.

Apply hair growth serum: You may try out the renowned hair growth products available in the market. However, not every serum will be useful on your eyebrow. Therefore, consult with your beautician regarding the serum before you start using any of those eyebrows enhancing serum.

Exfoliate the growth area with gentle movement: You can also try to peel dead skin around the corners of your eyebrow area gently. According to experts, exfoliating often stimulates the cells as well as hormones that accelerate the growth process. However, overdoing it may cause you more trouble. Using a soft brush for exfoliating the area is highly relevant. If you figure out any redness around the corner, you must stop as it may lead to further problems for your facial skin.

Once you find out that your eyebrows are in shape once again, that is the time when you need to start taking extra care of your brows. You are required to clean it up now and then gently. You may try to tweeze the brows at home when it is an absolute necessity. However, it is necessary that you consult the beauticians along with watching different videos to nail the perfect technique. Going for a threading again can be a very good idea as it is easy on the pocket and less painful compared to waxing or tweezing.

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The author Ron Spencer has associated with beauty treatments including eyebrow shaping and experienced with the knowledge of eyebrow threading.