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Links Questions

A reciprocal link simply means that you will place a link to on your website, and in return, your link will receive higher placement in our links directories. To find instructions on how to create a reciprocal link, click here -->

Once a link has been approved, you can edit it at any time by logging in, clicking on Websites under the Current Information list. Once your website is listed click on "Edit your Entry." Note: This will only be available once the link has been approved. If your link show "not approved" status, this option won't show. You can always resubmit the link correctly again as well.

No, it doesn't. The "not approved" message is actually our system's way of indicating that your link has been submitted for approval but has yet to be reviewed.

Check the "websites" link under the relevant topic category at There may be multiple pages of links, so you may have to scroll through several pages to find your link.