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Frequently Asked Questions

Expert Page / Social Networking Questions

If you would like your expert page to listed under a different topic please e-mail with the link to your page and the new topic. provides the capability for experts in the topic areas we cover to build personal Expert Pages. You can use your Expert Page to promote yourself, your business and your philosophy about Self Improvement.

The first step in building your Expert Page is to send in a request to our editors. If approved, you will then be able to add your biography, picture, links, products, and more to your Expert Page.

1) Login with your professional account
2) In the "Member Center" look for the tab "Create Expert Page"
3) Choose your topic and tell us why you feel you are a expert in this area
4) Once submitted, your request will be reviewed (1-2 business days)
5) Once approved (you will receive e-mail) - login with your professional account
6) The tab should now say "Edit Expert Page"
7) Add all your information/picture/links etc
8) Make sure to click "save" at the bottom of each page before moving onto another section

This is a bug we've commonly seen crop up for Mac users using the Safari browser. We would suggest downloading Firefox ( It may also occur if your anti-virus program is set at too stringent a setting.

Step 1 - Login to -
Step 2 - Go to the "Edit My Expert Page" tab
Step 3 - In the first section, ("Full Name") look half-way down the page for the picture section. Press the "Browse" button to find the file on your computer, "Upload" to upload the photo, and be sure to press "Submit" when you're finished to update your page.

You can only be listed under one topic at this time. You can however submit articles and websites under multiple topics.

Don't worry - these links will appear for any other expert viewing your page (and you can see them yourself if you log out). They just won't appear when you're logged in as yourself, as you have no need to contact yourself.

No. All messages must be sent one-by-one.

This commonly happens when you cut-and-paste text from a website, into Word or a similar program, and into the expert page editor. The programs "remember" the code and try to stick it in your expert page.

The best thing to do is to open Notepad, paste the text there, and save it as a plain text file (.txt). Now, open the expert page editor. Delete everything in the field giving you a a problem (press ctrl-a to select it all, then "delete" to delete it). Then, paste in the plain text from Notepad.

A account user sent you a message to your account. This is just a notification. DO NOT REPLY BACK TO THE E-MAIL FROM SELFGROWTH.COM.

What do you do?

- Login (automatically taken to your account information/dashboard)
- Click on "messages" on the right side

This messaging system is a great way to connect with other members. Get to know each other!