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David Riklan could speak at your next meeting, event or seminar on a variety of different topics. His tailored presentations can benefit you and your organization whether you want to motivate your employees or simply provide good quality content for your audience.

David is available for 30 minute presentations, 1 hour seminars, or 3 hour keynote presentations. David is also available for radio, newspaper, magazine and television interviews.

The "Ten Laws" of Self Improvement
What does it really take to change your life? During his career, David has studied hundreds of experts and identified countless ways to improve your life. During his studies, he found 10 patterns that kept coming with expert after expert. In this presentation, David teaches you through the top 10 proven ways to improve your life.

Social Media as a Profitable Business Tool
Social media is everywhere. David shares his expertise on how to use Social Media to generate leads, position yourself as an expert and grow your business.

The Secrets of e-Book Marketing
David explains the secrets, not only to making e-books, but making successful e-books. And here's the biggest secret of all - anyone can do it!

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