In the competitive world of YouTube, increasing the audience seems to be the biggest challenge, especially in the search for creativity for the creation of content. But like everything in life, we have "shortcuts" that can help us.

We have prepared a list of ideas to optimize a YouTube channel. See below how you can get more views on YouTube and grow YouTube watch time.

How important is YouTube to advertise a business?
YouTube is one of the main forms of content sharing that exists today. Therefore, every company that wants to stand out and promote its products or services must create a channel on YouTube. It not only helps to promote the brand but also contributes significantly to strengthening the relationship between the company and the customers.

How to get more views on YouTube
See below a selection we made with the best tips on how to get more views on YouTube:

1 - Impact title: information + attractiveness
The keyword is the beginning of everything. When a title is interesting, the user will be immediately attracted to click. It also allows a good ranking for the algorithm within the platform, increasing your audience.

Tools like a keyword planner greatly facilitate the desired reach, optimize the content of the video, and help to get more views on YouTube.

2 - Detailed descriptions
Nothing worse than clicking a video playback and finding content totally out of the ordinary. Precisely for this reason, the description of the video must be very well prepared. It is imperative that users understand exactly what will be covered in the video with what it says in the description section.

Look for authenticity, but with a generic touch. The idea is to capture the interest of the public, providing coherent information.

3 - Optimization Tags
As with other platforms, the function of tags is to classify general topics on specific topics, providing the algorithm with more information about the video. Along with the description and title, a line of reasoning is created about the content offered.
Again, a keyword planner is a tool that makes this process easy.

4 - Quality thumbnail
More than the consistency of the content, the thumbnail should contain a high-quality image, with legible and attractive fonts.
Betting on the good arts is also valid to help get more views on YouTube.

5 - Fun? Education?
Offer valuable content. Either for pure entertainment, educational purposes, or both. The point is, you have to keep your viewers interested. Only then will your audience return.

6 - Trending content
Every content creator should keep an eye on the topics that are trending at the moment. One suggestion is to log into platforms like Flipboard or Google Trends, where you can get great information about what's trending so you can address it in your videos.

Create content that is based on existing viral trends, but of course, without copying and pasting the content as is. Concentrate on linking your videos to the topic and launching responses, but in an authentic and original way.

7 - Take advantage of reciprocity
Every YouTube channel should seek help from the authorities in its niche. That is, seek to collaborate with influential people in the industry or prominent figures in the area of interest of your target audience.

Therefore, acting dynamically, this action will strongly attract your users, add views, and hopefully, they will subscribe to your channel. The same for the person or company you collaborate with, they will be helping each other grow.

8 - Be present in the suggested videos
The video selection that appears in the sidebar and in the grid after completing a video is a good opportunity to increase the audience.
But how do we address them to us? Working with the algorithms.

Make your content relevant, understand the keywords to use. Increase relevancy for produced videos. Create links between one video and another: link them. This greatly increases the chances that the algorithm will work in your favor and help you get more views on YouTube.

9 - Use cards
Another YouTube optimization feature to use with experience. This tool allows you to promote other content in your video.

The possible functionalities are diversified: promotion of some other content of yours; increase the number of subscribers; promote donations to non-profit organizations; Invitation to the public to participate in a survey, among others.

An interesting possibility is to focus on promoting the most views for the least viewed videos on your channel. In addition, it also helps to increase the number of subscribers.

It's important to explore user behavior analytics and metrics to support your decision making. Identify times when users stop watching the video. Then try to insert the card early to reach as many users as possible.

10 - Make playlists
Through quality content, the user is tempted to search for more. You can facilitate this by creating playlists on a certain topic. In the process, your videos will play in sequence, one after another, without having to hit play every time.

To build your list, pay attention to the order of relevance and consistency of the content. Good information is easy to handle. When searching for playlists, there is great success translated into multiple views for those videos of an educational nature as well as those for entertainment.

Whether you tell a story or detail different themes of the main topic, lists are a strategy that deserves attention.

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I am Jhon G. Reed and I am a professional journalist and writer. I have several years of experience in writing for different types of industries like Health, Law and Medical industry, travel etc.