When times are good and when times are bad, there are always people out there who keep making money. Even an economic downturn can’t stop some people from raking it in. Indeed, some trades seem to perform better during a recession. With New Media technology, savvy users of the Internet such as social networkers and bloggers have a splendid opportunity to succeed in their businesses and social life. The World Wide Web grows daily with millions of users turning to it as a channel for communication and business. If you are plugged in, you can tap into this base of potential consumers to grow a venture.

The New Media includes online communities, social networking, audio and video streaming, e-mailing, web advertising, new-disc technology, podcasting, blogging, internet telephony, digital photography, mobile computing etc. -- the list goes on, as new uses of the Internet are introduced every so often. This presents a good money-making opportunity for any individual, even someone who may not have any or much knowledge of computer programming. The aim of this book is to provide anyone with the know-how to make good use of this opportunity. Written in an easy-to-read and fully instructional way, this book provides Tips on Internet marketing, blogging and social networking. It will lead you on to discover the opportunities available on the internet to a blogger, and how to set up an online e-commerce site. You will learn how to create, publish, manage and promote your website and blog, and generate New Media income and perhaps create multiple streams of new income possibilities from blogging.

Blogging By Million, Earn By Millions.

Who should own this book

:-All Aspiring Netpreneur

-Entrepreneurs who wish to expose to Social Media marketing

-College and University student, Job applicant

-Creative Net Surfer whom have New ideas to introduce online......

-Housewives and Retirees

-How to benefit from this New Book

-How to make money online

-How to start your own online estore

-How to increase your website visibility

-How to Increase your website exposure to succeed with blogging

-How to find the right product to sell online

-How to build up your first ecommerce store with almost No risk investment

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

In Metaphor term , giving a man a fish refers to contributing donation to support survival. The donation may include free services, food, water, money, etc . On the other hand, teaching a man to fish refers to imparting wisdom, passing on a skill, or teaching someone to survive without depending on subsequent donations.

A great example in today’s world of ‘teaching a man to fish’ is “Free internet Surfing for Netizens” . This is the similar example practice of giving small loans to entrepreneurs or businessmen . The borrower uses the funds to build, improve and maintain a business. They must pay back the loan, with interest, to the lender or the person who is paying the actual broadband bill which could be their parents or institution in true life .Charging them loan interest makes them more self-sufficient.

But usually Young Netizens can be encouraged to try our New Media internet marketing to make some money online to contribute to some of the broadband fees .It teaches them to build efficiencies into their daily life and not to be addicted to online games but rather to find more tactics and information to enhances ones knowledge for the digital media world and become competitive on a global scale. And apart from the financial benefits of this, it’s also emotionally rewarding to know that young Netizens understand the onslaught of high living cost in today society in the true sense.

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