The end of this last Mercury retrograde was a doozy of a dilly and did what Mercury in retrogrades do best, left all the rest of us asking ‘what’s next?’ Earthquakes on the East Coast shaking things up while Irene preferred to stir. In fact, as I write, I’m doing so from New York City. So, while I still have access to electricity (because I always have MY power) let’s take a look at what to expect next.

This September is ALL over re-empowering you! Forget the next logical disaster inviting those Four Horseman to attend, this month is also about reclaiming or taking about YOUR reins. Of power. Of course. No major aspects allow us to breathe a collective sigh of relief but we can MOST ASSUREDLY expect to continue to watch a new planetary paradigm unfold. While that’s happening, and this month, you can also MOST ASSUREDLY also expect to see more major global changes in society, in politics and, yes, even in the economy.

Now, speaking to that last thing---some pretty important lows were put in place around August 22 as far as the indices are concerned. Gold trying to keep stride with the aforementioned Four and heading off to the heavens. Without getting all astro on you, there is some expansive Jupiterian influence that will impact markets on September 2. Makes me nervous that this happens while the entire street is off either cleaning up braches brought down by the storm or on vacation. Or both. But I like Jupiter. And Jupiter likes money. And to see the proverbial bottom line head higher. I’m optimistic. But have NO idea for how long.

September sees the return of HOPE. Oh, the audacity!

SEPTEMBER 2 Unwind! Relax! The answer to your prayers. Or six of them (wink.) On this FIVE-STAR day! It’s the SUPER STELLAR DAY OF SEPTEMBER! And there’s money to be made! Want to know how to tap that? Oh, c’mon, don’t you know already? Because can only access SUPER STELLAR info if you are a subscriber to the monthly newsletter. Re-member? Sign up at and take advantage of today’s truly HEAVENLY vibe$!

SEPTEMBER 8 Cranky Mercury the Messenger talking smack and opposing foggy Neptune. Better be perfectly sure that everyone’s all in and all on the same page too! Can practically promise some sort of communications snafus unless of course you have six clear quartz crystal balls (or six clear glass marbles!) sitting on a mirror placed on any table in the living room. Keep it social. Keep it crystal clear. And, if possible, just for today, keep it zipped.

SEPTEMBER 10 Flirty, fun-loving and ‘in the mood’ Venus sextiles her main man Mars and is doing a darn good ‘job’ of it too These are some mighty magical romantic vibes and my O my you can be sure you’ll get your groove on too. If you try. Go ahead and try. With red sheets. OR two (9, 18, 27, 49 inch, depends how long you like them!) red cords intertwined and hung on the inside back of your bedroom door. And, then, a glass or crystal bowl filled with candy kisses and placed in the ROMANCE area of your bedroom can make this magic lip smacking good!

SEPTEMBER 11 Chatty Mercury talking Pluto’s ears off! You should listen up too because today’s message has to do with planning for YOUR fabulous financial future. Especially where the next few months are concerned. Start the strategizing by sprinkling some powdered ginger into all the nooks and crannies of your wallet. Surefire way to spice UP your bottom line!

SEPTEMBER 12 Full Moon in Pisces. Sensitive, dreamy, a day to pack your proverbial bags for an escape into your imagi-nation! Your intuition/instinct and sixth sense holds the key to unlocking a current concern. Sit quietly with both feet on the floor and back straight. Pick ANY book and place it squarely on your lap and keep you left hand, palm atop the cover, sitting atop it. Breathe in a golden light through your ‘Third Eye’ and exhale saying ‘Ahhhhhh.’ Do this breathing exercise four times. In through the nose and out through the mouth. After the fourth breath, ask a question about a current concern and then, with LEFT HAND ONLY, open the book to any page. The first sentence you read will hold the answer and the key to success. Delve deeply into your imagination and your intuition and success is assured. Ahhhhhhh indeed!

SEPTEMBER 14 Loving Venus enters balanced Libra and Mercury the Messenger harmoniously trines expansive and generous Jupiter. Whoever you speak to today will be MORE than open to hearing what you have to say. And YOUR words take on a magical life of their own! Communications of any kind shine, shine shine and so will anything having to do with the arts, writing, speaking or even negotiations and travel! NO better day to manifest a magical affirmation. Speak these power packed words both silently and aloud all the day long (and for the next 26 if you are really serious about invoking health, happiness and prosperity! ) From the Florence Shinn annals, of course: “Before I called I was answered and I NOW gather in my harvest in a remarkable way!”

SEPTEMBER 16 Pluto goes direct in Capricorn after having been retrograde since April 19! Caps will feel the personal power returning the most, but all of us will get a big boost to our confidence, esteem and sense of self. Locate the KNOWLEDGE area of your main floor and ring a bell there. Ring it nine times. A renewed sense of personal power returns. Don’t ask for whom this bell tolls, it definitely tolls for thee!

SEPTEMBER 17 Uh oh, Venus, why so cranky? And why you beating up on volatile Uranus? If you think Uranus is volatile, wait until you see what could potentially take place in your own love life today. That said, if you place an image of a pair of love birds in the ROMANCE area of your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen (the love triangle in Feng Shui) for this day only you and your lovuh should stay right in the flow! Yes! Yes! YES!

SEPTEMBER 18 Mars marches into spotlight stealing Leo while Venus takes her chances squaring off against uber powerful Pluto! Yesterday’s angst over love morphs into today’s new anxieties over money. And perhaps a power struggle or two around that $ame agenda. Stand your ground. And then stand in the ‘abundance’ room of your house, the kitchen, and add some secret and powerful Feng Shui magical money cures. NINE pieces of juicy and ripe fresh fruit in a wooden, glass or crystal bowl positioned on the kitchen table. Change out the bulb in the main light fixture to a more POWERFUL one, and, lastly, turn every single burner on the stove on so you can heat up your bottom line. You’re cookin’ with coin now!

SEPTEMBER 23 Autumn Equinox! Sun enters Libra! Mars trine Uranus. Seasons may change but the tenor of a terrific day remains the same. And this is one terrific day! Look for sudden changes and even more sudden chances to grab the brass ring (or just have some tall fun!) and take them! In today’s case, the MORE risk, the MORE reward! Want to increase the potential for the play? Blasting some music in the CREATIVITY area of your main floor and then dancing like a fool will open pathways for play that you never even knew existed. Go on, hurry, do the hustle!

SEPTEMBER 25 Mercury enters Libra and Sun opposing Uranus, hmmm. Could be a bit of a difficult day especially where authority figures are concerned. Unless, of course, you are one of us. Then all you have to do is keep a pinch of cinnamon somewhere on your person and the whole world will just seem so magically delicious. Even those pesky authoritarians. With or without that ‘warm brown spice of friendship’ you will need to watch what you say though. Hey, just, well, sayin’.

SEPTEMBER 26 Mercury the Messenger opposes unpredictable and highly charged Uranus. Kids say the darndest things. And, today, you might too. WATCH YOUR WORDS. Or, better yet, keep it locked and throw away the key. Shhhhhh.

SEPTEMBER 27 With Mars making a supportive sextile to today’s New Moon it will be highly probable that you could make some swell progress with some personal projects or plans. Those efforts may, however, take a bit of negotiation. With Mercury also in Libra you should be quite willing to work with others and all of these energies could make a dream come true. Hang a six rod metal windchime in the HELPFUL PEOPLE are of your main floor and ring out the old while ringing in the New--Moon, that is!

SEPTEMBER 28 Pluto--duck! Sun square Pluto then Mercury doing the exact same thing. As long as Mercury sextiles Mars though there is hope for compromise. And resolution too. Keep some STILL water (not moving) in a bowl in the power corner of the living room and that will help to keep the peace. Three days max before that water gets stagnant which is how your efforts at compromise could be described too.

SEPTEMBER 29 Venus conjunct Saturn while the Sun sextiles Mars. Looks like all those energies directed at efforts to compromise and collaboration are finally paying off. Place an image of the Sun in your FAME area of the main floor so you too can shine baby shine!

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Ellen Whitehurst is a Lifestylist and Ultimate Health and Wellness expert as well as the author of the bestselling MAKE THIS YOUR LUCKY DAY (Random House, 2008.) Ellen is recognized as the country’s premier expert in Feng Shui and other empowering modalities. A former monthly columnist for both ‘Redbook’ and ‘Seventeen’ magazines, Ellen is also a recurrent contributor to The Huffington Post and John Edward’s among others.

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