Most people visit HOLIDAY RENTALS IN BARCELONA for the wine, beer, tapas and fiestas but that is not all they will find in this cosmopolitan city. They may find themselves in a police station filling out endless forms for hours on end because they have been robbed. This is a growing problem experienced in most large cities but one that could be avoided if you take a few precautions. If you follow these suggestions there is no reason you can't have a good holiday not only in Barcelona but any other large city.

This seems to be an inherent problem in the large tourist centres where the pickpockets and thieves are becoming more proficient at their trade as time goes by. Their main targets seem to be expensive mobile phones or bags strapped only over the shoulder. There have been incidents where people arrived at the airport and picked up their rental car only to be bumped on their way out of the parking lot. Upon stopping the people behind them jumped out and robbed them so be careful and only stop if necessary in a crowded area. Just be careful when you arrive at the airport, train station or by bus as the thieves know you have all your money with you making you the perfect target.

The local police are aware of this problem and are taking measures to rectify the situation because the economy of this area depends a lot on the tourist trade and they don't want to jeopardize it. This problem will not disappear in total so you still need to take some precaution to insure a happy holiday. For a start don't carry large amounts of cash on your person when leaving your accommodations. When you do leave don't let anyone get close to you, just remember to keep your distance from strangers. If you find it necessary to carry a back pack move it around to the front to better secure it. If you have a handbag keep your hand on it at all times and put the strap around your neck and shoulder.

Before you leave on holiday make a copy of all your IDs and when you arrive put them in a safe place just in case you lose the originals. If you need your passport when out shopping with a credit card take the copy with you and leave the original back in your accommodations. If you have a wallet, carry it in your front pocket making it harder to steal. As they tell you in the airport don't leave your baggage unattended, the same is true in the city. As you exit a taxi or bus check to make sure you have all your belongings with you; if you have a laptop it could be gone in seconds. It doesn't matter where you are, it could be in a busy bar or restaurant, just remember to keep your guard up at all times as you could be a target. If possible bring traveller’s checks with you as they are insured just in case you lose them.

When booking your HOLIDAY RENTALS IN BARCELONA don't get paranoid. If you follow a few simple rules you can have a great holiday. Be careful and enjoy the history, culture, tradition and cuisine of this magnificent city by the sea.

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