If you are seeking self improvement and a higher level of living, you may be able to learn and benefit from the content in this article. Let me begin by prefacing that the fact what you are about to read and learn is based on my personal beliefs and my personal experiences. Your positive thoughts and actions of influence can be the most important things you can do in your life. They’re the cornerstones of all your positive progression in your life. Your positive thoughts are the genesis of all your progressive actions and virtuous influence. What are positive thoughts? How are they inextricably connected to your positive actions and influence? They are indispensable if you are intending to live a virtuous and meaningful existence. How can you acquire progressive thoughts? How does belief in God affect your positive thinking and progressive acts of influence? I will answer the aforementioned questions with complete details and clarity.

What is positive thinking? Progressive thinking is forward thinking. It is a mind process that has a continuous series of noble and good ideas. It is a mindset of integrity and of unlimited grand possibilities. Progressive thinking is believing in your heart of hearts that life can be good, purposeful, and prosperous. Forward thinking is constantly expecting the best from life. Optimism is deeply rooted in noble thinking. Progressive thinking is the undying belief that the seemingly impossible can be truly possible. Doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do is an integral part of the positive thought process. It is having hope in seemingly hopeless situations and circumstances.

How are positive thoughts inextricably connected to progressive actions and noble influence? An individual’s actions are reflections and extensions of their thought processes. Re-examine any progressive actions in your life, they began because you thought about them initially, and then you subsequently acted upon them. Without noble thinking, there isn’t any noble action, it is that simple. As a result of this mindset and subsequent action causes an affect or influence on others.

Positive thoughts and actions of influence are indispensable for living a virtuous and meaningful life. When living a meaningful life it becomes a continuous series of righteous thinking and behavior. They add exponentially to life’s purpose. Living this mindset creates a sense of ultimate self fulfillment that all the riches in the world could not buy. Forward thinking and forward actions of influence instill a supreme purpose for living, and adds to the moral fiber of one’s daily living. Life becomes an enjoyable and exciting journey, as opposed to a life filled with gloom, routine, and drudgery.

How does one acquire positive thinking? The first step is to willing to submit to this way of thinking. Secondly you must have a burning desire to embrace this awesome mindset. The third key factor is believing you and others around you will greatly benefit from your newly acquired mindset. Once the aforementioned steps are completed, you constantly read and study this mindset, or else it will eventually dissipate. You also have to closely associate yourself on a continual basis with people of the same mindset, if not you can lose your advantage. The final piece of the puzzle is to put this forward thinking process into action on a daily basis.

How does belief in God influence one’s positive thinking and grand actions of influence? It is my personal belief that all things good and virtuous originate from God. He is the perfect and ultimate being of supreme progressive thinking. His glorious actions and influence causes all great and wonderful things to transpire. Can one acquire forward thinking without belief in God? The answer will be ascertained by one’s honest introspection of their core beliefs.

In summary, your positive thoughts and actions of influence is a continuous process in your life. Forward thinking adds exponentially to the meaning and purpose to your life. Without progressive thinking, there aren’t any forward actions. Acquisition of virtuous thinking requires submission to that mindset, constant discipline, learning, and close association with like- minded individuals. Belief in God will always be the genesis of your forward thinking mindset and your acts of noble influence.

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