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Overview of 9/19/11 “Creation Energies” Brenda’s channeled, 15-minute, free show on www.BlogTalkRadio.com: Your physical body is catching up to your spiritual being so you may feel “fuzzy” mentally and even much like you did at puberty – “I’m 13 and I want to drive a car, go on a date, drink, have babies and get married.” Many ideas but not a lot of energy to activate them.

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Dear Ones,

This week is extremely important in terms of where you are going and how you are going to get there.

For months, we have encouraged you to move into your spiritual place of creation possibilities and so you have. But you moved forward spiritually more rapidly than your physical form could tolerate. You were testing some of your new physical/tool kit of creation possibilities before you fully assimilated your belief system with the Universal truths of creation.

Many of you thought you were doing something wrong because you could not generate the object or pattern you desired. That was our error not yours. For you had much more within your Old Age belief patterns that had to be released before you could create the life you want.

We are as amazed as you at what you have accomplished to date. We are also as excited about the possibilities inherent in the New Age/new earth. But we needed to regroup once we determined that your spiritual being was outpacing your physical abilities. And so we have. That is the shift you will feel for the next few days or weeks.

You will be streaming hundreds, if not thousands, of ideas of what you would like to have in your life. Almost like a flickering film screen of the early 1900′s. Each idea will present its own joy – yet not all ideas will be what you truly want. In other realms, such multiple possibilities are always available. But your physical 3rd dimensional being has never been strong enough to both accept that amount of information and create it.

We found that your 3rd dimensional physical being had more limitations than we were aware of. Our incorrect assumption was that if we introduced you to your spiritual realms, you would automatically physically shift to that place that allows you to create your thoughts and dreams. Perhaps not as easily as is true in other dimensions, but more easily than in the past.

In truth, your 3rd dimension physical body was not strong enough to accept the new creation energy flowing in so you used your belief systems to “damn” the flow. Your physical body went into a self-preservation mode.

Many of you are wondering if the something similar will occur throughout this transition process. No. Because with each shift you are moving beyond your 3rd dimension limitations. You are far stronger than was true even a few months ago. You have released many of those belief damns. And as you feel stronger in your new dimensional setting, you will release more. How interesting that water is often equated with emotion. For the beliefs you maintained to protect your physical being were about your self-worth and feelings about others.

As you move into the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions, you will become more aligned physically, emotionally and spiritually. You also continue to accept more silvers of your total being – and as you do so, your being is adjusting.

Let us explain. Each sliver, even though a part of your totality, is a different facet of you. Perhaps one of your new facets enjoys camping while the original you cannot tolerate it. Even though that is a simple example, it is not far off in terms of your new reality. You will find yourself irritated with people and things that did not irritate you before. And loving things you used to ignore.

Why would anything or anyone irritate you as you grow spiritually and emotionally? That is so because you are becoming a more finely tuned instrument of the Universes.

When you started piano lessons as a child, the piano you used did not need to be finely tuned. But as you evolved into a concert pianist, the slightest off note grated on you like nails on a chalkboard. And so it will be for you.

But if the New Age/new world is about love and peace, how is it possible that anything or anyone irritates you? Such discernment is extremely important now and will become more so as you move into your place in the new earth. Negative comments about a group or race might be seem funny in the 3rd dimension where the duality of good and bad exists. Such dualities will find very little acceptance in the dimensions beyond.

We have moved beyond our thought of the day. Your physical being will be changing dramatically so you are better able to create the life of joy and love that is the New Age/new earth.

Even though you were willing to move ahead rapidly emotionally and spiritually, your physical being reminded you – and us – that you required special energies before your new dimensional being was balanced and poised for action. And so it will be.

In the meantime, please understand that many of the dreams flitting across your emotional screen in the next few days or weeks are not what you want, but more of a showroom of possibilities. Do not berate yourself if you cannot create any of those visions now – your body is merely accepting the possibilities created by your new slivers and spirituality.

When your physical plant is rested and restored – including the activation of DNA strands you need to move forward with your New Age/new earth plans – you will zoom into creation. But your creations will be those correct for all facets of your being, rather than one or two as has been the case in your 3rd dimensional being. And those creations will occur when it is correct for you and the Universes.

All will happen as projected, we merely needed to re-evaluate why most tool-kits of creation were not being activated. Our “market research” indicated we had neglected your physical plant because we had underestimated how deeply enmeshed many of your beings had become in the 3rd dimension. The energy shifts of the next few days will counteract that dimensional lifestyle and help you balance the new slivers that are now of your being.

You are no longer the you of even three months ago. You entered your telephone booth as Clark Kent and are now removing your clothes to reveal your Superman costume with all the expected capabilities. Will you leap buildings with a single bound? Not unless you want to. But you will create the life most appropriate for you and thereby complete your piece to shift the earth and the Universes. And so it is. Amen.

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