This month indicates a sign of hope and brings a sense of optimism that better times are ahead us. You are a hard worker working steadily towards your goals and moving yourself up that corporate ladder. Success is always well deserved if you’re willing to go the extra mile. Remember, everything can’t always go as you’ve planned so be open minded.

There is a situation that is dragging you down and you feel helpless to change it. This may be an addiction or manipulative or controlling relationship you’re feeding that is not healthy for you. When we tend to overindulge in our addictions, we can become self- destructive. It’s important that we take control of this behavior, release it, and walk away. This is a great time to address these issues because you have the strength and inner power to overcome any setbacks and adversity.

Life may seem to be in a period of suspension, but this offers you the opportunity to look at matters from a different and fresh perspective, which will bring a possible solution through better understanding. Sometimes we need to let go of something in the shorter term to gain something considered more beneficial in the longer term. It’s a form of self-sacrifice and we all need to sacrifice something in order to gain something bigger.

If a relationship is dragging you down, let it go and know that something beautiful awaits you. You don’t have to give people the power to manipulate or control you. You hold the power to change the conditions and circumstances of your life. People will only do what you tolerate, so have the strength to stand up for yourself and walk away.

Sacrificing your addictions and letting go of things and people who no longer serves you, will allow you to have financial and family stability. Bad company and addictions are nothing but distractions taking you away from your higher purpose. Pay close attention to your finances and try not to spend your money foolishly. You may experience temporary hardship, but help is will be available if you look closely. Money or resources may be lacking, so take time to carefully review financial affairs, and ensure everything is in order. This would not be a good time to enter into new financial agreements or commitments. The choices you make today will affect your tomorrow, so no more excuses and make a conscious decision to continue to move forward with your plans.

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I am a spiritual intercessor who communicates with spirit guides. I provide messages sent to me by the ancestors and angels who watch over you in your everyday life. They have a divine message for you and I am here to make sure you receive that message and live in the Spirit.