Monitoring the heartbeat will be an amazing service provided by the iPhone. The scientists have developed an application that can be used to monitor the heart beat of an individual. The master brain behind this laudable application is Mr. Peter Bentley from University of London. iPhone is the most admired entertainment gadget and it has been used by many people.

The scientists are working to develop new applications for iPhones all the time and this one is really an admirable service. The sensors present in the phone will detect the heartbeat of an individual. Generally doctors use stethoscope to monitor the heart beat of a patient. This stethoscope service provided in the iPhone is called the iStethoscope. This application was not developed for a medical purpose,it was just for an entertainment. This application was then made available free for a trial. There were about five hundred applications downloaded each day. This active participation of people has given the reputation to this service.

The transition of this entertainment device to a medical application device is amazing. To monitor the heart rate of an individual is not a silly thing. Doctors generally check the heart rate of a person for many of the diseases. Any variation in the number of heart beat per second can be a symptom of a cardio disease. Even a cardiac arrest can be prevented if you consult a doctor immediately after noticing the variation in your rate of heart beat. We can expect more medical related applications like blood pressure monitoring, ultrasound scanning using this device.
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