Looking for appreciation within a field of fear is often hard to do. The reason for this is that focus on fear takes prevalence within one’s attention and the outcome of that is forgetting to place any attention on appreciation.Appreciation is of utmost importance as it is in truth, one’s utmost preference.

Appreciation is what a person experiences when the aspects of any subject resonate with one’s observation of it. The universe responds to this vibrational calling all the time. There is a constant attraction process occurring while one is creating preferences by way of appreciating something from within the contrast of reality.

Fear is at the opposite end of appreciation, and one’s emotions will always indicate on which end they are standing. If one is feeling negative, then in part, they will be entertaining the derivatives of fear from a field of sameness and limitation. If one is feeling positive, then one would be in the process of expansion, holding positive expectation for the next moment.

If a person is caught up in fear-filled entanglements, then negative emotion would be prevalent and the reality would support a contrast where appreciation is lacking, meaning there seems little to appreciate within the contrast. It is not that there are no longer things to appreciate, it is more a case of one’s point of focus being placed so deliberately on fear that one simply forgets to look around themselves and place small preferences of appreciation.
When a person stops to look at a subject and find within it aspects to appreciate, then in truth, right from that point of observation, expansion begins again; the universe FEELS the appreciation and lines more experiences up to be appreciated.

By simply getting caught up in all one does not appreciate, by default a person attracts more in which to be displeased with. It works the other way around too, when one places attention on what they do appreciate, by default that appreciation is brought forward in one’s next reality to appreciate again. These appreciations are unique preferences, little building blocks.

Every moment of time and space from your observation offers you the unique chance to place on it your preference. You can look at it and take from it all you appreciate, down to the smallest detail that appeals to your uniqueness. Each little vibration of appreciation you have adds to who you are. It is an expansion of self by merely being observant and looking to enjoy the good aspects in any experience.Reminders and deliberate intention cure forgetfulness very quickly.

By practicing appreciation alone, each one of you is so powerful that you can live a full and rewarding life, attracting only what they appreciate; just as there is the choice to look at all that is displeasing, and by default attract that, even though unwanted. Life flows in the direction of choice always so each individual’s first and most simple choice is to embrace all one does not like, or all that one can appreciate within the contrast of reality.

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Paul Smit is an author, publisher, teacher and speaker for “One.” He is the Founder of Intention 1111, the CEO of The Hive Publications and the co-Founder of One Legacy Works, their parent company. As the creator of a unique awakening program, Core Intention Living™, Paul provides people with new models of life based on spiritual freedom and creativity using the Law of Attraction.

In 2006 he designed a ground-breaking program to help clients heal addictive behavior. What began as a passion for self healing is now engaged by over 25 million people over the internet, social media as well as in digital and audio formats. Paul has hosted many radio shows syndicated with Voice America, and offers counseling and personal guidance in several formats.

He is recognized for his authentic and compelling presentation, as his own life required radical transformation and redesign. His insights are backed by years of exploration and personal trial prior to engaging private clients.

Paul Smit also offers a range of riveting workshops in private settings. He makes his home in South Africa and New York . To learn more about his work please visit: http://intention1111.weebly.com/