Friends are very important since we need to socialize with people other than family members. One thing you should understand is that you have no choice to select who to be your family member but you have the choice to decide who your friends are. There are some things that you cannot tell and discuss with your family, it will be appropriate to share such things with people you trust and the ones who believe in you other than your family members.

Friends who trust and believe in you will encourage you and be there for you to share joy and sorrows. Your friends will give you the sense of belonging, keeping in mind the fact that we are social beings.

Without friends, you may become lonely and even stressed. Due to loneliness and stress some people resort to drinking alcohol and taking hard drugs. Unfortunately, doing this will not help to get rid of loneliness and stress but creates more problems. It is important that you control your feelings in order to make it easy for yourself to interact with people. You should not do bad things that will make people not want to be associated with you. For you to make friends, you have to get along well with people around you. Feel free being with people you meet. Introduce yourself to them and be friendly.

You should socialize with people therefore don't isolate yourself. Isolating yourself because of your social status and you having problems is not a good thing. You'll be suppressing your feelings and this keeps you from seeking the help you need from your friends in order to solve problems. As problems come in life as they always do, it is better to share them with your friends who you trust. You'll not only feel better when you share your problems with friends but you'll be also working towards resolving them. However, don't take advantage of your friends by wanting them to help you in all problems. You should know the kind of problems to share with your friends and the ones you should not share with them.

When we connect with our friends through many ways like sharing our happiness, it helps us to strengthen the bond of our friendship. We need to maintain a positive attitude to the highest degree possible. This requires some sincere searching of our inner thoughts. It will be difficult for you to maintain good relationship with your friends if you have a general attitude that is negative.

You need to trust your friends and be there for them when they need your help. You don't expect them to be there for you if you keep on isolating yourself from them. Keep in touch always with your friends and let them feel your presence in their lives. True friends are always there for one another no matter the nature of circumstance one of them is encountering.

You should have principles. Your friends and people around you will respect you since they know that you're a principled person. Being principled will help you not to be influenced or intimidated to do things that are against the accepted morals of society. Since you have your own principles you'll caution your friends the consequences of their actions and resist the temptation to do things that are immoral. This way, you'll not be isolating yourself from your friends but doing what is right.

"I think if I've learned anything about friendship, it's to hang in, stay connected, fight for them, and let them fight for you. Don't walk away, don't be distracted, don't be too busy or tired, don't take them for granted. Friends are part of the glue that holds life and faith together... " quote by Jon Katz.

You need not only friends but true friends!

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